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Outside of a mutual loathing of Marian Hossa(notes), there isn't much Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins fans can agree on. Unless, of course, you're talking about simmering resentment against the NHL for its oppression and/or mismanagement.

Two protest songs have hit the web recently displaying that angst. First up, the Winged Wheel presents "Let Them Fly," a take off of CAKE's cover of "I Will Survive," that tackles the NHL's crackdown on octopus tossing at the Joe:

Probably the best song about octopi we've heard that wasn't written by Ringo Starr. Well, we assume it wasn't written by Ringo Starr.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Penguins fans have had enough with the farce of a joke of an embarrassment of a hypocrisy that is the NHL's supplemental discipline policy on head shots. So the fellas at The PensNation have released a protest song of their own: "You Give Hockey a Bad Name," a Bon Jovi parody that takes aim at Colin Campbell.

We don't have the tune in an embeddable format, so click here or on the image to hear it:

Check out the lyrics and download it here.

Who doesn't like a good protest song? Better question: Who doesn't love a good protest song based on the musical stylings of either CAKE or the mighty Jovi? Especially the latter?

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