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"Oh, when you're done calling that slashing penalty, we could use refill on champagne, garcon ..."

This is a referees' sweater from the 2011 Atlantic Junior Hockey League All-Star Game, held in Walpole, Mass., last weekend. The AJHL is a Premier Tier III Junior A League in the Northeast. It also has impeccable taste in bow ties.

Reader "Hawkeye" sent over the image, writing that, "The league is trying to make it  meaningful for the officials selected to work the All-Star game by giving them something fun to wear, as the players get special sweaters as well."

Well, better this than sunglasses and a long cane. Unless they're going for accuracy ...

Hawkeye gives this a "a HUGE pass," and we tend to agree. It's nice to see the officials get a little love in the specialty jersey department. That's one of the reasons we hold the ECHL's "Gov. Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night" in such high regard, because the referees wore prison guard uniforms while the off-ice officials wore judge's robes.  

Plus, now these AJHL refs have some formalwear for high-brow evenings. C'mon, they work in hockey; like anyone's not expecting them to show up in a tuxedo T-shirt to begin with.

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