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The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Detroit Red Wings as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup. For more about the travels of the Chalice, visit NHL.com's Stanley Cup blog.

Daniel Cleary is the first Newfoundland-born player to win a Stanley Cup, and Premier Danny Williams said Newfoundlanders and Labradorians (both kingdoms of Mongo, we believe) are thrilled that the Cup has finally arrived today. As you can see, fans are literally rubbing their faces on the Chalice like happy kittens as Cleary is reduced to a human display stand.

From the Canadian Press, the rest of the Cup's itinerary:

It was making a trip to a St. John's children hospital before heading to his hometown of Harbour Grace, about an hour's drive away. The Stanley Cup's schedule in Harbour Grace on Canada Day involves a motorcade, meetings with minor hockey players and an event expected to attract thousands at a local soccer pitch.

We have more images of Cleary and the Cup in Newfoundland, and how his arrival even affected air travel today.

Here we see Cleary accepting an amazing piece of art at the airport that commemorates his Stanley Cup championship with the Red Wings. Because of the angle it's rather difficult to make it out, but way at the top of the print there's a Wings fan looking at Cleary's stat sheet for the playoffs, shaking his head in sullen disbelief while muttering "three points in 22 games" over and over again.

To put the mania surrounding Cleary's visit into perspective, St. John's International Airport actually told lunchtime travelers to arrive two hours before their flight to avoid the massive crowds. That said: Do they have to x-ray the Stanley Cup before taking it on a flight? Can your shoes and the Stanley Cup go into the same plastic bin, or do you treat it like a laptop and send it on its own?

Finally, here we see Cleary wearing a fetching outfit from the Coldplay collection as he parades the Stanley Cup down some stairs. He's got a nice grip on it, which will really interfere with the new Red Wings player tradition of beating the hell out of the Cup at every appearance.

In back to his right, we see the official Red Wings faith healer reaching to the heavens, as well as ... excuse our ignorance, but would that be Jelena Cleary holding their little tyke?

Yowzer. Uh, what Cup?

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