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The 7 Sean Avery fights that aren’t completely terrible

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When the New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins played earlier this week, Sean Avery(notes) and Tyler Kennedy(notes) had two altercations — a scrum and a fight. The fight earned a 3.9 rating from the punditry at HockeyFights.com.

In fact, Avery has had 15 fights in the last two seasons and just three of them were rated above a 5.0 on the venerable hockey pugilism site. His choice of opponents has been criticized, as he frequently picks "manageable" foes. The fights themselves haven't been stellar. Some have questioned Avery's worth as a fighter.

Truth is, Avery can hang in a fight. He's had a few that have actually been quite good.

Here are The 7 Sean Avery Fights That Aren't Completely Terrible.

1. Nov. 3, 2002: Sean Avery vs. Rob DiMaio

What's a little violence between friends? Sean Avery, then of the Detroit Red Wings, fought buddy Rob DiMaio of the Dallas Stars respectably for a few moments before DiMaio crushed him.

2. Dec. 4, 2003: Sean Avery vs. Steve Ott(notes)

Spirited affair between Avery, then of the Los Angeles Kings, and Ott of the Dallas Stars. Avery threw and landed more punches. Ott attempted to nuzzle Avery's tummy near the end of the fight. Avery punched him more. Rated a 7.0 on Hockey Fights.

3. April 1, 2006: Sean Avery vs. Brenden Morrow(notes)

Brenden Morrow takes a whack at Kings' goalie Mathieu Garon(notes), and Sean Avery takes exception. They tangle up and then go to the corner, where Morrow throws a few that miss, Avery pushes him onto the glass, and then proceeds to pound away at him. Nice uppercut at the end. The fight received a 5.7 from Hockey Fights.

4. Feb. 17, 2007: Sean Avery vs. Mike Richards(notes)

After Todd Fedoruk(notes) runs anything in a New York Rangers sweater, Avery and Mike Richards drop the gloves for a lengthy, engaging fight that saw them both land some solid blows. A fight that received a 6.7 from the Hockey Fights faithful... and one that the rest of the hockey world probably wished would have resulted in mutual destruction.

5. April 1, 2007: Sean Avery vs. Darcy Tucker(notes)

Egads, pest vs. pest! A tremendously entertaining fight, both because of the combatants and the action, as Avery landed an early blow and Tucker knocked off his helmet with a flurry of punches. This earned a 6.5 from Hockey Fights.

6. March 31, 2008: Sean Avery vs. Ryan Malone(notes)

Avery and Malone flip their lids and square off at center ice, with the Rangers pest leaping into the Penguins power forward on his first punch. Malone rallies, Avery lands on top of him and the MSG crowd chants "AVERY! AVERY!"

7. March 31, 2011: Sean Avery vs. Micheal Haley(notes)

OK, this really isn't a decent fight. But it does feature a few moments in which the entire hockey world was vicariously living through Micheal Haley as he pounded Avery.

So, in summary, Sean Avery has been in a few decent fights. But we really had to look for them ...

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