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See, this is why we love TV news. 11Alive Sports reporter Sam Crenshaw in Atlanta caught up with Ted Turner, an original owner of the Atlanta Thrashers. The headline is "Turner wants to see Thrashers stay." The video … well, you gauge the befuddled billionaire's enthusiasm:

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Well that was awkward.

Meanwhile, Thrashers fans are going to hold a tailgate/rally in support of saving the team on Saturday, May 21, beginning at noon at The Gulch next to Phillips Arena. From the official Facebook page:

Come out to support our ATLANTA Thrashers! They are our team and they MUST remain in Atlanta. There will be general tailgating activities of food, beer, music and goofy games. I expect to see many "Save Our Thrashers!" type of signs. Let's keep them mostly clean, lol

Wear your team clothing and bring your signs for pictures. Bring your cameras and phones. During the final hour we will get everyone assembled for a group photo. Photos go to Gary Bettman, the AJC, on facebook, etc, for all to see that we love our team!

It is very important to show visible (and vocal) support for the Thrashers, so really try be there, at least for the last hour! We are thinking about trying to get people like Dan Kamal, Jay Bird, maybe Jeff Schultz(notes) to speak during the last hour. Don't know if we can get anyone on such short notice.

We wish them the best, as a large gathering of Thrashers fans at this dire hour would be a feel-good moment. If nothing else, hopefully they can top the attendance of that Save Spezza rally.

You know, it's times like these in which we wish Thrashers superfan Lil' Jon would just drop some coin and buy this team … oh, nevermind.

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