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Seeing as how Winter Olympics broadcaster NBC has found new and inventive ways of angering hockey fans with its coverage or lack thereof, Puck Daddy introduces a new mini-feature: Tales of NBC Angst. Email us with your scheduling nightmares, announcer gaffes, missed goals, or general annoyance. Hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com or on Twitter.

Richard Deitsch of SI broke the news on Twitter, and the news is good for hockey fans in the U.S.: The Team USA semifinal game on Friday against the winner of Czech Republic and Finland will be shown live to the entire nation, at 3 p.m. EST and noon PST.

We'd like to congratulate NBC on two fronts. First, for finding the last available seat on the Team USA bandwagon. Second, for coming to its senses regarding the idiocy of tape-delaying events held in the Pacific Time Zone to viewers in the Pacific Time Zone. Perhaps now we'll no longer get love letters like this one from Puck Buddy George Sowards about your coverage:

You started to lose me as a viewer when you pushed Conan off the air. You really upset me when I've had to see Olympics results on the web 5 hours before you air them on primetime. Then when I had to watch USA-Canada play in non-Hi Def on MSNBC, I was beyond displeased with your corporate snobbery. 

Today, when I turn on your channel and see "The Doctors" airing while Team USA is playing and realize that you're tape delaying the game, I am ready to take action against you.  I have a 55-inch hi-def TV for watching sports. I have a 12-inch laptop that could stream the game live. Why do you force me to do that? I can't install Microsoft Silverlight on my laptop anyway so I'm powerless. Wow! In how many corporate brothels are you prostituting yourselves?

Currently, "The Doctors" is showing how to keep your dog from drowning in the toilet.  Are you kidding me!? The Olympics are on once every 4 years and we should be able to watch these games live on your array of networks. If you're going to be awarded the contract to air the Olympic Games, you owe it to your viewers to do a better job than you are doing now.  I believe in making a buck, but in some instances you should look at your mega business as a responsibility to provide a good service to the general public. I would really like to hear back from you about this but I won't hold my breath. So until then, I'm switching over to another network...

The people have spoken. NBC has listened. Only took four games. Live Olympic hockey on the West Coast? Talk about Millercles ...

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