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UPDATE: TMZ has an update on Jan. 29 that Mike Komisarek(notes) has denied the charges and that witnesses have baced him up.

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Here's an uplifting story on a hockey Saturday: TMZ is reporting that Toronto Maple Leafs all-star fan favorite defenseman Mike Komisarek has been accused of "punching" a woman in the face at a nightclub, according to a report filed with the LAPD.

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 28-year-old defensive powerhouse was named in a police report filed by a woman who claims the whole thing went down after Komisarek decided to lift her up in the air at a Hollywood nightclub.

We're told the woman claims she demanded Komisarek put her down -- but he refused -- so she slapped him in the face. The woman claims Komisarek immediately set her down ... and then punched her in the face, causing her to bleed. 

"Komisarek decided to lift her up in the air." Lesson learned: Never pretend your date is the Stanley Cup unless she tells you she's willing to be the Stanley Cup.

The Leafs played in Los Angeles on Monday, Jan. 10. Komisarek played 13:22 and was credited with three hits.

We've contacted the Leafs for comment on what's a very serious accusation, and will update if and when that occurs.

Not sure what's more of a downer about this story: That the NHL ended up on TMZ for anything but celebrity romance or that this is the second Toronto Maple Leaf in the last year accused of punching a woman in the face. Not assigning guilt or innocence in either case; just saying it's not exactly good for the 'ole image.

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