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Yahoo! Sports Canada commissioned a survey, released today, that asked 1,503 Canadians about the Stanley Cup and when, exactly, it might be back in the clutches of a Canada-based franchise.

What it found? Optimism.

According to the study by Leger Marketing, 80 percent of respondents believe a Canadian team "can win the Cup by 2013"; which would be the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens' Cup, modeled here by St. Patrick, and the last time a Canadian team captured the Chalice.

So which team is best suited to win the Stanley Cup for Canada? From the Y! Sports Canada survey:

While 24 per cent believe the Habs have the best shot at winning the Cup again, Canadians believe the Vancouver Canucks have the next best shot (22%), followed by the Ottawa Senators (11%), Calgary Flames (9%), with the Toronto Maple Leafs (8%) and Edmonton Oilers (5%) rounding out the list. Sixteen per cent believe no Canadian NHL team will win the Cup by 2013.

Those 16 percent are now being processed at the U.S. border for deportation. Other notable findings include:

• The Battle of Alberta: One quarter (25%) of Albertans believe the Flames stand a chance of winning the Cup compared to 20% who believe the Edmonton Oilers do.

• Leafs vs. Sens: 16% of Ontarians believe the Sens can win compared to 13% who say the same about the Leafs.

• Prairie Outlook: 23 per cent of Manitoba and Saskatchewan respondents believe the Habs stand the best chance at winning the Cup.

• Eastern Sentiment: Atlantic Canada is also a Habs stronghold, with 27 per cent believing a Habs win is most likely.

Wonder if there will be a part deux for this survey if there's a Winnipeg or Quebec City team by 2013. The full release on the survey is here, including news about Y! Canada's partnership with CBC Sports' Hockey Night in Canada. If this deal leads to Don Cherry judging a Photoshop contest for us, we're popping the champagne (of beer).

By the way: A few of you have asked about live streaming of games on Y! Sports this season, and it's a question we're trying to nail down. Details when we have them. 

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