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We've seen our share of busted teeth in these playoffs, like Eric Belanger(notes) of the Washington Capitals hearing his pearly whites shatter after a stick to the mouth in Round 1. But no missing chicklets have gained more instant fame than those of Duncan Keith(notes).

The Chicago Blackhawks defenseman lost seven chompers — three on top, four on the bottom — when a Patrick Marleau(notes) shot in Game 4 hit him in the grill, saying after the game that "I took one breath and it felt like my whole mouth was missing so I knew there were some teeth gone." (Postgame interview on NBC here.)

A couple fell out of this mouth, and he coughed one up from his throat. Keith claimed the others "disintegrated," which is either the most painful or most fortunate thing about this story.

Keith's focus is obviously now on the Stanley Cup Finals and facing the Philadelphia Flyers for the championship; luckily, others have decided to Mulder (or Scooby, depending on your pop culture proclivity) through this mystery of the disappearing teeth.

"Duncan Keith's Missing Teeth" is a 2,000-fan strong Facebook group that claims it's "dedicated to finding those 7 missing soldiers lost in the heart of the battle of Game 4 against the San Jose Sharks." Most of the content consists of fans saying "ouch" and asking if Keith should skate the Cup first because of his busted mug. Hopefully, at some point, the supernatural absence of his teeth will be addressed in a meticulous Dan Brown-like puzzle of intrigue.

Meanwhile, Duncan Keith's mouth has become a pre-finals media darling, from dental analysis in the Chicago Tribune to it being a tribute to Old Tyme Hockey to WGN's story about how fans can get in on the toothless fun during the finals:

Chicago Costume has a few suggestions on how to support Duncan Keith and the Hawks. It sells a waxy substance that blacks out teeth and it sells mouthpieces with mangled teeth. The manager says he even sells an item that looks like a hockey puck coming out of your face.

Great ... as if hearing Blackhawks fans sing "Chelsea Dagger" wasn't annoying enough, try listening to it through the equivalent of 17,000 pairs of wax lips.

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