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Wayne Gretzky and Joe Montana are more than investors in an ill-fated theme restaurant. They're sports icons. But who's more iconic?

Gretzky ties Montana in championships (four), but Montana beats him in championship MVP awards (3-2). Gretzky leads his sport in nearly every major offensive category, and Montana's not in the top 5 in TDs, passing yards or QB rating. "The Great One" beats "Joe Cool." Janet Gretzky was the bomb back in the day, and Montana's on wife No. 3; and while both are rather lovely, we'll take Paulina Gretzky over Elizabeth Montana. Montana's "oh, you won't disturb me. I'll be in my room masturbating" is a legendary moment in "Saturday Night Live" history, but it's no "Waikiki Hockey," that's for damn sure.

This unspoken rivalry continues on the gridiron at Oaks Christian school in California, where Montana's son Nicholas has transferred and will battle Trevor Gretzky, son of The Great One, for time at quarterback and the right to throw to Will Smith's son, Trey.

As The Big Lead (H/T) wrote, there's really no way this won't end up being a reality TV show for either ESPN or MTV. Although we'd much rather see "The Paulina Gretzky Chronicles," or the Paulina Gretzky anything, really.

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