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There are several questions we have about this photo from last night's Game 3 victory by the Philadelphia Flyers over the Montreal Canadiens.

Does the Flyers fan with the "You'll Choke" sign intend the message for the Canadiens as a whole? Or since his season tickets are in back of the goal, is it intended solely for the opposing goaltender? Did he start raising the sign to agitate Carey Price, assume it's the reason Price turned into a Pee-Wee level sieve last night, and then decide to unleash his voodoo on Jaroslav Halak next? Shouldn't the sign then read, "You'll Also Choke," with one of those little "^" things below "also?" And does glaring at the back of the goalie's head create a direct bad-juju link between sign guy and Halak's cerebral cortex?

Then there's the fact that he's flashing a "You'll Choke" sign at the end of the rink where the Flyers attack twice. Typical pessimistic Philly fan ...

Perhaps the strangest fact about this photo: It's the same Flyers fan that Kevin Schultz from Barry Melrose Rocks believed could have been Principal Feeny from "Boy Meets World" earlier in the playoffs. Should that be the case: Where, good sir, are you hiding Topanga?

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