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While Japers' Rink was taken with Sergei Kostitsyn's smack talk on former Washington Capitals coach Glen Hanlon ("It's a pity that [he] left Washington. I would have scored not three but six against them"), the rest of his interview with RussianProspects.com had more than a few eye-opening exchanges -- especially when it comes to the looming menace of the new Russian KHL.

Alexander Radulov's name came up, and the Montreal Canadiens forward was asked if he would grab the money and bolt for Russia like Rads did this summer.

"To leave the best league in the World? No, thank you," was Kostitsyn's response. Which led to this part of the Q&A with Vyacheslav Fedorenkov of Pressball Media:

That means you're skeptical about the potential of KHL?

I disagree with the statement that KHL can catch up and take the lead against the NHL in the nearest future. If it ever happens it is a matter of not few years. Also, it's too early for me to talk about "zeroes" in the contract. I'm still young, will get mine when it's due. By the way, rumor that Ak Bars wanted to sign Andrei was not true. The rumor circulated all over the internet, but not a single phone call was made to my brother. Again, I don't know my brother's intentions, but as for me, I do not even plan on returning to Europe in the foreseeable future.

That rumor was all over the place earlier this year, so that's some closure.

There are many other goodies in the interview but this answer shows that in his short time in the NHL, Sergei Kostitsyn has completely grasped the limitations of the mainstream hockey media's curiosity:

Do you remember the most original question American journalists have asked you?

You should not expect originality from them. Every other time they ask the same: "How do you like to play with your brother?"

Also on the KHL front is another great read from John Glennon in The Tennessean, regarding the rough adjustments for Russian players coming to the NHL. Money quote from former coach Terry Crisp: "I don't think the skins of Russians are as thick as other guys." Ouch.

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