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Mixing Sean Avery with the MyFox Dallas Good Day morning news team is gold, Jerry. Especially when he appears partied out after tossing the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game the previous evening, and the anchors are absolutely fascinated by his role as a hockey agitator and his background in the fashion industry.

The video can't be embedded (mainstream media, hooray!), but you can watch it on the MyFox Dallas site. Among the highlights:

• Footage of Avery's first pitch, which was a wild rainbow to the left of home plate. He claims distraction, since the Rangers were playing the New York Yankees. "I was getting booed by some of the Yankee fans, because I used to play in New York."

• Avery's definition of taunting boundaries. Wives and moms? Off limits. "I try not to. More girlfriends."

• Co-anchor Megan Henderson appears ready to begin writing "Mrs. Megan Avery" on her Trapper Keeper 50 times.

• The part of the segment in which Avery actually demonstrates, on the local anchorman, the moves that inspired The Sean Avery Rule in the NHL.

• Finally, the "fashion quiz" the news team surprises him with, in which he must critique the fashion sense of unidentified men in photographs before they're revealed. Witness the hilarity when Avery negatively assesses Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks. "The cowboy hat ... it's going to get a little bit to get used to."

H/T to Andrew's Stars Page for the video find.

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