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Let's do this NY Post Page Six style. "Blind Item: Which pugnacious New York Rangers winger has a new personal Web site with pastel colors, an upcoming store, a burgeoning blog and a collection of male fashion photos that are the GQ to Mike Green's Teen Beat?"

Sean Avery's(notes) site still has that new-URL smell, and it's going to be interesting to see how he develops this space. Right now, the most complete sections of the site are dedicated to charity and Warren 77, his Manhattan sports bar. (Along with some misspellings on the schedule page.)

The NHL told us that while the blog isn't in their network of player sites, the League is looking for ways to incorporate independent players pages onto NHL.com

In speaking with Avery in the past, writing a hockey blog isn't something we'd expect on SeanAvery.com; it may be something more in line with his work with Men's Vogue, in which he offered thoughts on restaurants, music and, of course, fashion.

(Incidentally, we've put a couple of calls in to New Line Cinema about the "Puckface," the gestating film adaptation of his magazine internship tale, and haven't heard a progress report. We can only assume our casting choices are still alive. C'mon, Philip Seymour Hoffman!)

Why this Web site is important for Sean Avery: Hockey Celebrity? And what's with the fresh, Thom Yorke inspired ink on his arm?

It continues the image rehabilitation that's been underway since his suspension for the "Sloppy Seconds" with the Dallas Stars crack ended and his career with the Rangers restarted. In a revealing interview with QMI Agency (via the Toronto Sun), we learned about the physical manifestation of Avery's new outlook on his arm:

After a two-week stint in behavioural therapy, Avery started meditation. He also got a new tattoo. "You used to be alright, what happened," lyrics from a Radiohead song, now adorn his arm. But seriously, what happened?

"I think that any time you say something that's hurtful towards somebody you're always going to regret that," Avery said. "If I've said something that's done that, then I don't feel good about it. Regrets are tough words because you know you did it. You kind of have to deal with what you've done."

The lyrics come from "15 Step," a Radiohead song from "In Rainbows." Another line from the tune: "How come I end up where I started?"

Something tells us that after recapturing his comfort zone in MSG, Avery knows the answer.

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