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When you open your September issue of Details magazine, you will see the advertisement on the right (h/t to Unfair Park) featuring Sean Avery of the Dallas Stars in the latest campaign from The Gap. He's rocking "The Classic V-Neck," which retails for $49.50 for several months until it hits that lovely rack in the back of the store where most of our purchases originate. (Sean, we imagine, shops in the front of the store, where there are considerably fewer racks.)

"'Create Your Own Gap' is about creating your own look through mixing and matching pieces that best represent you. It's about conveying who you are and what you stand for through what you wear,"  said Ivy Ross, executive vice president of Gap Marketing. We completely agree, which is why we hope to see Avery tooling around Dallas wearing suit shorts and that Stars jersey with the fallopian tubes on it.

Although he's the only athlete who made the cut, Marketing Daily doesn't believe Avery's class of Gap advertisers is anything special:

Among this year's faces are Liv Tyler, Ginnifer Goodwin, Hugh Dancy, and Sean Avery--a group that is considerably less recognizable than celebs Gap has used in the past. (Last year, for example, its campaign starred John Mayer, Forest Whitaker, Sarah Silverman, Lucy Liu, and Selma Blair.)

Ouch. If it's any consolation, we've yet to see Forest Whitaker on a live post-show chat for "Project Runway," which Avery took part in last night. Mostly because we don't watch "Project Runway," but also because we don't visit Bravo's Web site, even during "Top Chef" season.

The video chat is protected by this kooky thing that makes it only available to American Express cardholders, so if you're wealthy and want to see Avery talk about "working it" or hemlines, have at it. From Bravo's "Runway" blogger Andy, who interviewed both the eliminated contestant and Avery:

Miss Kelly Martin is a FIRECRACKER! Hockey superstar - and superstar hottie - Mr. Sean Avery was a fitting companion for the now-redheaded F-bomb dropping auf'd gal. We played two games: "Gay, Straight, or Metrosexual" and "Word Association". Sean didn't know what "poppers" are and Kelly had never heard of Michael Phelps! Michael Phelps!


Mike Chen, who hipped us to the "Project Runway" gig, offers this analysis of Avery's many fashion passions:

Hey, I got no problem with Avery's outside interests - if I can DJ an indie/goth/new wave nightclub and write about hockey, I think I know a little about two totally separate worlds colliding - but I gotta think that this'll just add fuel to the on-ice trash talking. Course, everyone in the league already hates him, so maybe things won't really change.

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