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Reader Mark S. was watching the San Jose Sharks host the Detroit Red Wings in Game 2 of their Western Conference series when all of a sudden Jaws 3-D broke out when Joe "The Big" Pavelski scored his eighth of the postseason. Mark sent the photo above and wrote:

So as I was standing cheering for the first goal of the Sharks game, a fan from Section 114 threw a shark on the ice, as many may have seen on TV. The shark was moved with the snow scoop. No word on if [San Jose mascot] Sharkie took the shark and put it back at his house.

Ah, but that's not all, apparently. Comcast SportsNet Bay Area reporter Brodie Brazil tweeted that a "dead shark thrown on the ice just now had a baby octopus in its mouth." 


Here we thought it'd be a series of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus jokes, and Brazil's telling us it's more about Average-Sized Shark vs. Baby Octopus.

Going forward in the playoffs, we agree with Bruins vlogger Brendan LeComte: "A dead shark was thrown onto the ice in SJ, is it time to Throw The Bear in Boston? Full size, dead carcasses being heaved over the glass!"

If only to see Canadiens and Canucks fans frantically trying to throw their own ...

UPDATE: New flying Shark image from the Mercury News, via Puck Buddies Ian J. and Brandon E. If anyone has a better image of the Shark, perhaps with baby octopus in jaws, email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com)

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