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Chris from Icethetics broke yet another third-jersey leak today: The San Jose Sharks' new all-black duds. What you're seeing here is a rendering by artist Dan Stover that was created at Icethetics' request. It's based on the small, grainy original leak of the Sharks jersey.

From Icethetics, some analysis of the sweater:

It's black - shockingly. It features the full-body shark logo on the front as seen in the graphic in the upper left corner of this post. There is a white SJ logo on the shoulders fashioned from the new wordmark introduced last year when the Sharks unveiled their new branding. The uniform features a tie-up collar and teal stripes at the elbows and on the socks, trimmed in white.

There are no stripes around the base of the sweater and the numbering and lettering style appears to be the same as the current home and road uniforms. What it's obvious from this image is whether the letters and numbers will be trimmed in teal or not at all.

We're on the record about our feelings regarding all-black jerseys. But we're a little torn here. On the one hand, it deviates from the team's signature look; in a League filled with red-and-black/black-and-yellow/red-white-and-blue tedium, a little teal goes a long way.

That said: If you're a team with the psychological damage of postseason disappointments like the Sharks, perhaps a little Johnny Cash bad-assery is in order. There's a thin line between the subtle motivation and the artificial cool of a black jersey. The Sharks haven't necessarily crossed that line, based on this design.

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