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Remember in "Superman III" when Supes was given the synthetic kryptonite, starts binge drinking and then fights himself in a junkyard? They didn't go all the way with a black Superman suit when he turned bad; they just sort of muted and dimmed the colors to show how angsty he was.

That was our first thought when a reader sent us this cell phone image from the SabreSpace forums that appears to show the new third jersey for the Buffalo Sabres. But then we looked back through some old images, and it turns out the Sabres' classic road sweater was a little darker than we remembered it being. It's not so much the Sabres going darker with the new third jersey as it is Buffalo going old school. Which we applaud.

The image fits the description of Howard Berger's alternate jersey leak from earlier this summer. Congratulations to the Sabres for bringing this look back, because it really does show how incredibly awful that angry cashew nut on their current sweaters looks. You've made your money on the Buffaslug; now kick it to the curb and wear proper duds again.

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