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Continuing what's apparently become unofficial Winnipeg Jets backup goalie day here on Puck Daddy, here is Chris Mason's(notes) first mask with the team — combining the military jets motif from the logo with the wicked awesomeness of Eddie Iron Maiden. RAWK!

Run to the Mask: Jets goalie Chris Mason’s Iron Maiden tribute

Mason spoke with InGoal Magazine about his new mask, saying:

"We went back and forth, lots of phone calls, and I sent Steve some sketches and he did some art and sent him back and we mulled over a bunch of different ideas, and then he came up with the Iron Maiden Eddie in the old fighter jet and I thought it was perfect and I loved the image and thought that was really appropriate for the Jets," Mason said of the band's famous mascot.

"I'm a fan of a few songs and Aces High is one song I really like too, so it's kind of perfect I like the song and the artwork for the single was this Eddie in a plane."

The mask was designed by Steve Nash of Eyecandyair, who also slapped Mason's No. 50 on the wings of a plan on the front of the mask.

Run to the Mask: Jets goalie Chris Mason’s Iron Maiden tribute

Mason said if Winnipeg wears "heritage" jerseys that honor the previous incarnation of the Jets this season, he plans on rocking a retro-themed mask that'll be a homage to the one Bob Essensa wore back in the day.

Read the full story, and see more images, at In Goal Magazine.

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