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Some fans might think that interviewing a player like Jeremy Roenick is as easy as putting a recorder in front of Terrell Owens, hitting record and saying, "OK, go." But then you read something like Craig Custance's Sporting News blog conversation with Roenick, and you're reminded that the right questions can bring out some surprising answers, even with a motormouth like J.R.

Here are some highlights with the San Jose Sharks center. Keep in mind the Vince Vaughn question stems from Roenick's hilarious video-game name check in "Swingers."

SN: So what will it be after you retire - television, radio, movies, coaching ...

Roenick: I think all of the above. I really want to look at the opportunity of staying in the game in the management side. I don't know about coaching, I wouldn't mind being a coach. I wouldn't want to do the two or three years in the minors before I spend my time in the show. I have a couple guys I work with who are determined to make me a Hollywood star. They put me in all these things to get my resume as many TV jobs as possible. I've been in early talks with Sirius Radio, doing a show for Sirius. I have a lot of business deals constantly coming my way.

SN: How well do you know Vince Vaughn?

Roenick: Him and I are buddies. He grew up in Chicago. The first time I ever met him, I said thanks for the plug in "Swingers." He said, 'Dude, seriously, that was a respect thing. I wanted to give you as much respect as I possibly can.' He's a fan of mine and I'm a fan of his. He tries to do something with my names. His name was Jeremy in "Wedding Crashers," he puts those things in there to keep it exciting for me.

SN: So can I officially break the news of your retirement after this season?

Roenick: No, no. I think this is it. I'm not announcing it completely and saying this is it. Deep down inside, you know it's time. I'm excited to play, but there is something inside of me that says there are other things you want to do, too.

There's much, much more, including Roenick on Ron Wilson's firing and his desire to either start a NASCAR team or buy an existing one. "I like to dabble in a lot of different things. I enjoy life, I like meeting new people. I'm an action junkie."

Is it wrong to want the Sharks to win it all this season so we can see Roenick with the Stanley Cup? Or, more to the point, Roenick's day with the Stanley Cup?

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