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If Jeremy Roenick really wanted to save Tony Romo, he'd rescue him from becoming the next Nick Lachey on the discard pile and the Cowboys from suffering through another "Tony and Jess hit Los Cabos" distraction during the playoffs. But we'll have to settle for Roenick pulling Romo out of a water hazard in one of those goofball highlights from the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe last weekend:

Romo supplied some comic relief, stealing the role normally reserved for Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon. On his first hole, he took a swing next to a pond and fell in. Playing partner Jeremy Roenick grabbed him before he went completely under.

"I was two feet from the water with a delicate stance, almost on my tip toes. I had to hit the shot to the right, and I did, and as I followed through the ground gave way .. I swung my arms three or four times trying to regain my balance, but it was too late. I fell on my backside and got wet up to my belly button. The pants drip-dried, but I did change my socks. I ended up making bogey for zero points after Jeremy fished me out."

Said Roenick: "I came running at him and I pulled him out. I think that was the difference between him getting all of his pants wet and his whole body wet. So it was kind of funny."

Well, yeah, funny except for curmudgeonly golf writers who are still pissed off Romo didn't give them Brady's fantasy points last year. Nerds. But enough about that other winter sport.

Hockey represented strong at the annual celebrity golf event, from one former player nearly winning the tournament to Roenick continuing to clown around at the long-drive competition to Wayne Gretzky offering his advice to Brett Favre and explaining, once again, why golfers are athletes and golf should be taken seriously. Because Gretzky has more class than some other former investors in the All-Star Café. Video of all of these things follows ...

Roenick joined an impressive collection of NHL players and alumni at the annual celebrity golf event: Former Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks forward Dan Quinn; former Edmonton Oilers goalie Grant Fuhr; current Dallas Stars ambassador of fun Brett Hull; former Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers player Pierre Larouche; Colorado Avalanche star Joe Sakic; some guy named Mario Lemieux; some other guy named Wayne Gretzky, whom I believe played for the St. Louis Blues; Miracle on Ice legend Mike Eruzione; and Janet Gretzky, who beat out sports luminaries like Emmitt Smith and Lou Holtz with her 71st place finish. (And at 20 bucks a hole ... kidding.)

Former MLB pitcher Rick Rhoden won the event over Quinn; the two of them combined have captured the ACC title more than Mike Krzyzewski, leaving some to openly pray for a bigger name to win "The Masters of celebrity golf."

Here's Roenick and Quinn, showing off their respective short games:

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Roenick also participated in the Korbel champagne (nice sponsor there) long-drive competition, and was tasked with opening the ceremonial bottle. Notice how it explodes like Gretzky's head in a hockey video game:

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Speaking of The Great One, he took some time from absolutely sucking on the greens to speak with NBC about a variety of different topics: Why hockey players make good golfers, why golfers are athletes and why we should all just get off Brett Favre's case.

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For the record, we scoured hours of footage from the event looking for one of these to no avail. For shame, celebrity hockey golfers. For shame.

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