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Heavy metal legend Rob Zombie has always made time for hockey in his life. Whether he was recording an album or touring across the world, the singer/film director was thinking about hockey.

Zombie grew up a Boston Bruins fan in Massachusetts and when he was living in Los Angeles full-time, religiously attended Kings games and became friendly with members of the team like Sean Avery(notes).

His passion for the game and seeing the ins and outs of the Kings' operation gave him a marketing idea for the NHL as he told Adam Proteau last fall:

From The Hockey News:

"What the Kings should have done - and the NHL can use this slogan if they like -- was take somebody like Ian Laperriere(notes) when he was still on the team, have a big portrait of his face, smiling with no teeth and his big, messed-up nose, and the slogan - ‘You think you're tough? KINGS.

"People don't understand how tough those guys are. I mean, they make football players look like they're doing nothing. Hockey players play so motherf---ing hard all the time, and I don't think people get it. And they don't market it that way.

"Hockey is just hardcore, and they've taken the edge off it. Obviously, when they brought helmets in it is harder to see the players and you don't want guys cracking open their skulls all day long. But there's a reason people love the movie Slap Shot who don't love hockey - the spirit of that movie is the spirit of the game, but you don't see that anymore."

While on tour last weekend in Montreal for the "Heavy MTL" festival, Zombie spoke with The Score about the difference between goalie masks back in the day and now, as well as why it's so hard to make a hockey movie.

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