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This is Oscar Goodman, mayor of the glorious city of Las Vegas, where the NHL will place a team in the near future because of its crack-like addiction to expansion fees hold an awards show soon.

If you're a hockey fan that happened to visit one of the lovely sports wagering centers in Mayor Goodman's sinful city last summer, you may be clutching that betting slip with sweaty-palmed, giddy excitement right now. The Stanley Cup playoffs have arrived, and some of the longest of long-shots last summer have a one-in-16 chance of making some serious dough for the loyal fans that were shrewd enough to make what was a sucker's bet before the season.

NHL FanHouse posted the Bodog odds for winning the Cup back in August 2008; the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins were the established favorites. The Columbus Blue Jackets? They had the fourth-longest odds in the NHL for winning the 2008-09 Stanley Cup at 65-to-1; which means, fellow math majors, that a reasonable $100 prop bet would return $6,500 if Steve Mason backstops the BeeJays to Stanley.

Here are the revised Bodog odds for the Stanley Cup champions; listed in parentheses are the odds for these teams back in August 2008:

Detroit Red Wings - 7/2 (10/3 in August 2008)
San Jose Sharks - 7/2 (9/1)
Boston Bruins - 11/2 (30/1)
New Jersey Devils - 7/1 (16/1)
Pittsburgh Penguins - 9/1 (6/1)
Washington Capitals - 10/1 (15/1)
Vancouver Canucks - 12/1 (30/1)
Chicago Blackhawks - 18/1 (18/1)
Philadelphia Flyers - 20/1 (18/1)
Carolina Hurricanes - 20/1 (33/1)
Calgary Flames - 25/1 (25/1)
Anaheim Ducks - 35/1 (12/1)
New York Rangers - 35/1 (12/1)
Columbus Blue Jackets - 40/1 (65/1)
Montreal Canadiens - 45/1 (10/1)
St. Louis Blues - 50/1 (50/1)

As you can see, the odds on the Bruins dropped slightly since the preseason. To that brave Beantowner who stumbled around the sports book last summer with a Sammy in one hand and $500 on the B's in the other ... we salute you.

Does anyone in the readership have big money on the playoffs? What's the biggest wager you've had on past Stanley Cup postseasons?

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