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It's now been a little over a week since the Twitter account of Paul Bissonnette(notes) disappeared from the Earth, leaving us all to wonder how the homeless people he comes across in his travels are doing and whether or not his father still has the body of a milk bag.

Biz Nasty has received some scorn after his "communist" Tweet about the Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) contract rejection, but overall, his messages to the world have been deeply missed. His Facebook page was flooded with messages from fans telling him to come back immediately after the account went away.

There is some good that is coming out of this entire situation. Bissonnette has teamed up with hockey clothing designer Sauce Hockey to create T-shirts in memory of the fallen Twitter account with all proceeds to help benefit homeless shelters in Arizona.

There's four types of shirts available: The "RIP" and the "Biz Nasty Feeds the Homeless" (which would be a fantastic PR move by the Phoenix Coyotes to set up next holiday season) shown above; and then the following two that not only define Bissonnette's time on Twitter, but also express a "damn the man" mentality.

We hope the next sets of shirts are of his TwitPics of the various totals of his gasoline purchases for his Ford F150 to further add to his distaste for oil giant BP.

Meanwhile, check out this interview from Psycho Lady Hockey with Biz Nasty, including why he had to spike the Twitter feed:

"The reason I had to delete my account was because my agent was worried about the [Kovalchuk] comment. I understand where he’s comin’ from. I had a lot of fans laughing, and it was all in good fun, but some people take things to heart – whatever. I’m gonna lay off Twitter, but plan on coming back early in the season with an account. The fans need it."

Now you can be properly dressed for his return. 

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