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Thinking back to it, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane(notes) tipped his hand during yesterday's press scrum after USA Hockey orientation camp:

"Hopefully you guys never have to hear my side of the story, right? Hopefully we can get out of it as quick as possible."

You don't have to be Denny Crane to read "plea bargain" between those lines; although if you were, you'd probably read it with Captain Kirk-like inflections or like a bad beat poem.

From the Buffalo News today comes word that 20-Cent and his 'cuz are expected to avoid criminal charges in their assault case with a Buffalo cab driver with a plea deal, according to law enforcement sources:

Those sources also said the most likely plea deal would involve the Kanes either pleading guilty to a violation - maybe harassment or disorderly conduct - or being granted an adjournment that could have the charges later dropped. Neither of those scenarios likely would involve any jail time for the two cousins.

"I think everything is going to be wrapped up by the end of the week," one law enforcement source said. "All parties are working in that direction."

By "all parties," we assume they also mean the legal eagle working for the plaintiff who said the charges were "blown out of proportion" at the start of this thing. He told the Buffalo News that his client "does not want them to have any jail time. And he does not want to ruin Patrick Kane's career." We can only assume the cabbie has Kane in a keeper league.

So it appears Kane's legal entanglement will end with a whimper. Now he'll just have to deal with a tarnished image, years of unrestrained ridicule from opposing fans and, we imagine, a few more Photoshops like this one from Puck Buddy Mohit. Because we've only received about a dozen since this all went down. Go Patty, 'iss yer birthday ...

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