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"But don't buy into the babblings of the tinfoil-hatted conspiracy nuts who are planning to gather outside the Joe prior to Game 3. There's no NHL cabal plotting to ensure the Wings' demise. (Seriously, why would the league pursue an agenda that would see one of its top markets sidelined?)"  - Allan Muir, Sports Illustrated

Goodness, talk about missing the point. Yes, a portion of Detroit Red Wings fans have earned their tin foil hats for buying into the illogical idea that the NHL is out to undermine a ratings- and revenue-generating flagship franchise. But Muir's going after them right as they're finally getting a sense of humor about it ... sigh.

The "gathering" of which SI speaks is a Flash Mob of Detroit fans scheduled for Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. ET before Game 3 of their series against the San Jose Sharks. Why tin foil? Here's why, from the official FAQ for the Tin Foil Flash Mob:

The idea behind the tin-foil hats is that they keep out the NHL brainwashing. If you're wearing tin-foil, Gary can't get to you. Our boys spent almost an entire period killing penalties in Game 2. Hopefully our mass of tin-foil will prevent further officiating-suckitude.

George Malik's right that the whole idea ridicules all aspects of the "tin foil hat society" label. We can't wait to see video of the thing if it actually comes off. (Details of the Tin Foil Flash Mob here.)

As for this critical Game 3 between the Wings and Sharks, let's hope we don't get another dose of "officiating-suckitude"; and that we see a spirited rather than sluggish performance from this Detroit team. Play like the desperate team it is.

Of course, the Sharks are cognizant of that desperation. From Working the Corners:

And what about the fact the Red Wings are going to be a desperate team tonight? "You have to raise your desperation, too," [defenseman Rob] Blake said. "Even though we're coming in here with a 2-0 lead, you have to play your best game. We understand that they're going to bring their best. That's the history of this franchise."

While Pavelski said the Sharks would need to match Detroit's intensity, McLellan took it one step further. "We have to out-do their desperation," he said.

Well, at least until Gary Bettman presses a button on his remote control, activates the chip in the referees' brains, and the Sharks spend the entire third period on a 5-on-3 power play. Unless the tin foil works ...

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