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With the help of "several truth-serum cocktails at the NHL Awards after-party," James Duthie, TSN host and blogger for the Ottawa Citizen, finds out the real story about the Detroit Red Wings having dented the Stanley Cup during their post-parade celebration at Cheli's Chili:

Here's what happened: Chris Chelios was atop the bar, Coyote Ugly style, Cup in hand, with the packed crowd cheering madly. At some point there was an attempted handoff to Brett Lebda. Whether it was the chaos of the crowd, or the...umm...content of the blood, balance was lost. Down went Lebda. Down went Stanley.

And no, the dent wasn't "slight."

In fact, it needed emergency service. Mike Bolt, the Keeper of the Cup, was taken to Joe Louis Arena, where Stan, like a forward who took a puck in the eye, was placed gently on the trainer's table in the Red Wings dressing room, and operated on.

Bolt had to use a hammer to carefully pop the dent out, a procedure that resembled neurosurgery in its intricacy. One of the bands that contain all the names popped off at one point. But like Bobby Baun, the Cup was right back out there for the rest of its appearances. Heroic.

Kudos to Duthie for relaying this entertaining information, collected from drunks at an awards show after-party. You, sir, are truly a member of the hockey blogosphere today. Please see Eric McErlain for your pledge pin.

Duthie also tells an interesting tale about George Parros of the Anaheim Ducks, who damaged the Cup before the Ducks' 2007 parade to the point where it had to be disassembled and rebuilt in a matter of moments. There's apparently something called "The Parros Dent" still visible on the Cup. If it's shaped like an evil mustache, we think it could be one of those supernatural occurrences, like finding Christ on a pancake.

The Parros Dent will heal the follicly challenged! Bring out your bald!

H/T to Kuklas for passing the Duthie on the left hand side.

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