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A few weeks back, we brought to your attention Shop.com selling Pittsburgh Penguins Eastern Conference champions gear three days before the Birds actually wrapped up the series in five games.

In keeping with the tradition of being prepared, the folks at Shop.com are at it again, this time making sure your Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup champion gear is ready to go once the team plays a full 60 minute game, instead of, you know 59:26:30 (video). 

You'll have your choice of the official locker room hat, above, or the fugly locker room t-shirt, among many other items to remember this momentous occasion which has yet to occur (and may not if the Penguins have anything to say about it). If shirts aren't your thing (for me, it's pants), maybe you want to remember Nicklas Lidstrom becoming the first European captain to hoist the Cup every time you hop into your 1976 AMC Pacer.  Then buy a key chain.

No sign of any Penguins Stanley Cup champion merchandise on the site.

For the true collector, time to buy these up in case the Red Wing do not prevail, otherwise, they'll be boxed up and headed to Africa.

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