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Hockey-Reference.com sponsorships are like iTunes purchases for puckheads: Easily acquired, completely addictive and a great way to throw away some hard-earned cash through frivolous Internet transactions. Here's how it works: For a small fee, an individual or Web site can "sponsor" a player's page with a short message. Just like Sports Reference LLC has done for its other sites, with the results ranging from undeniably awesome to completely missed opportunities.

As we reported yesterday, hockey fan sponsorship of these player pages has become the new "Vote for Rory." The venerable James Mirtle alerted his readers to the opportunity and quickly snagged Wayne Gretzky. Those knuckleheads from The Pensblog gobbled up Gary Roberts. Meanwhile, JP from Japers Rink has been buying up sponsorships like Ovechkin buys awful European clothes -- with reckless abandon. And PPP from Pension Plan Puppets announced today that he's building a war chest to start picking off player pages from the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs. Justin Kubatko of Hockey-Reference.com, whom we interviewed recently, estimated today that close to 100 player pages had been purchased in the last 24 hours. 

We're happy to announce that two of those player pages are safely in the hands of this very blog. The first belongs to Sean Avery of the New York Rangers, and as you can see we couldn't help but pay tribute to one of our patron saints.

The second player is Chris Pronger of the Anaheim Ducks. And that's where you good readers, puckheads, snark-loving fans and, inevitably, friends in Edmonton come in.

The current page reads: "Chris Pronger: A suspension waiting to happen." This is a B-minus effort; we're looking for an A-plus. We want you to provide the message for Chris Pronger's Hockey-Reference.com page for the next year.

Using the comments section on this blog, please leave your entries. Keep it PG-13, but more importantly keep it under 255 characters. Not words, but characters; it's not as much as you think, and we've learned that the hard way.

So have at it, bring the funny and we'll announce the winner next week. If you need to e-mail us for any reason, you may do so via this address. We expect nothing less than comedic genius. Pronger's earned it.

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