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Edmonton Oilers center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins(notes) is a rookie sensation that has inspired some sensational analysis. Like drawing comparisons to a young Wayne Gretzky. Or anything said about The Nuge during a CBC broadcast of an Oilers game; we're pretty sure the last time he was on, they claimed his blood is a cure for the hantavirus.

Reader Contest: Enter Ryan Nugent-Hopkins poetry slam!

So inspiring is Nugent-Hopkins that there's really only one option for our next reader contest: Poetry.

Introducing: For the Love of Nuge, the Ryan Nugent-Hopkins poetry contest.

The premise is simple: Poetry of any kind written about the rookie star, or about the Edmonton Oilers that references RNH. Sonnets. Limericks. Nursery Rhymes. Slam poetry. Whatever lyrical approach you'd like. Points for creativity; more points for being funny.

What's at stake? The good folks at Panini America have produced Ryan Nugent-Hopkins's first NHL rookie card. First prize in the poetry contest: An autographed rookie card. We're also giving away five boxes of Panini hockey cards to the runners-up.

How to enter: First off, go to the Panini American Facebook page and hit the "Like" button, because they're going to have some info over there throughout the contest. Then, once you have your genius constructed, email us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. We'll run some of the best entries here on PD and over on the Panini Facebook page, where the winners will be announced.

Contest deadline: Wed. Nov. 16, 2011 at noon ET.

Entries can come frequently/Send in one or two or three/Write something huge/Celebrating the Nuge/And maybe chirp Tambellini.

(See, it's not so hard. Good hunting.)

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