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We can all agree that the world is a better place for having a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Stick Golf Putter, available from Shop NHL for $114.99. Certainly makes the transition after missing the playoffs much smoother.

"Hockey and golf are very different sports," reads the description on the product. But if Adam Sandler's 1996 film "Happy Gilmore" taught us anything, it's that the two sports are eerily similar. And that Bob Barker kicking the crap out of someone is comedy gold.

Ryan from The Goose's Roost immediately thought of the Hockey Stick Putter used in "Happy Gilmore" when he ran across the Shop NHL version:

What are the intellectual property rights for that kind of thing? This is the first time I've seen anything like it on the market, but the idea isn't exactly new. Does Happy Madison get any profits from this, or at the very least a hat tip?

It's a fair point, actually. These officially licensed NHL putters are made by HockeyStickPutters.com, a site that offers sticks for all 30 teams. According to owner/inventor David Graham's message on the site, his mission to create the Hockey Stick Putter began in Dec. 2003 -- a full seven years after Happy gave us lines like "if I saw myself dressed like that, I'd have to kick my own ass."

These Hockey Stick Putters are apparently easy to use and effective, if not USGA approved, according to a review by The Artful Golfer. But based on the timeline, Adam Sandler has clearly revolutionized the game of golf, and deserves the credit that has thus far evaded him. We feel the same way about the late Heath Ledger stealing Sandler's voice from "Little Nicky" for The Joker ...

So give the Sandman props, at least when it comes to putters with a hockey stick blade. Putters with a hockey stick shaft and a golf club head, available for all Central Hockey League teams from Five Hole Putters, appear to be a unique creation, however.

A really, really weird, but unique, creation.

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