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Puck Treasures: The NHL Drinking Tube only looks like a bong

These are the officially licensed NHL Drinking Tube Beverage Towers created by Mustang Drinkware, who we can only assume is the first name in officially licensed drinking tube beverage towers.

From the description of these Made in China pieces of hockey oddity:

This festive tube features a 100-oz (12.5 cups) capacity and a spout at the bottom for easy pouring. It's decorated with tons of cool NHL- team graphics while a replica helmet and puck are featured at the base.

And only $329.99 plus tax and shipping! The tubes are available on Shop NHL for the Boston Bruins (special Stanley Cup tube), Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Montreal Canadiens, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks and Calgary Flames.

We find this item endearing for a few reasons. First, because it looks like something you'd throw together using items from your rec room if you forgot a birthday gift for your best friend/hockey fan. "Quick, toss me that mini helmet … and that puck … and that aquarium tubing and those stickers and some duct tape, stat!"

Second, because we always enjoy the way Shop NHL dances around its items that are essentially designed for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Hey, look a bottle cooler … you know, for your old-timey cola drinks.) To the NHL, this is a Drinking Tube Beverage Tower. To the rest of the bar-crawling public, it's a beer tube:

But mostly because we're sure some enterprising fan will find a way to turn this thing into a officially licensed NHL bong, if they haven't already. We look forward to the day when Shop NHL offers its officially licensed NHL Smoking Tube Vapor Towers.

s/t to reader Bryan Garrison.

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