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The phrase "one of a kind collectible" is usually tossed around much too haphazardly on auction sites. But it's extremely appropriate in describing a sombrero-like hat constructed entirely out of Boston Bruins game ticket stubs from the 1970s.

Especially one priced at $2,000.

This eBay auction boasts that the games were played at the Boston Garden; that the tickets feature "every game played by Bobby Orr including Stanley Cup games, playoffs and finals"; and that the game tickets were originally priced at $4 apiece ... or 1/500th the cost of a Boston Bruins ticket sombrero.

In case you were wondering how many old Bruins stubs eBay auctioneer "shaynaleah" had tucked away, behold a second hat up for bid with a starting price of $2,000.

Yes indeed: It's the Boston Bruins 1970s Ticket Stub Stove Pipe Top Hat.

Now, some of you are undoubtedly retching at the thought of using tiny pieces of hockey history for stupid, overpriced hats that make Kentucky Derby fashions look sensible. That it's akin to trading-card companies slicing up game-worn jerseys as pack inserts.

But in the hats' defense ... OK, on second thought, they're indefensible. Especially if we're at a game and have to sit behind the Bostonian Mr. Lincoln who wins the auction for that second hat. Down in front!

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