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Playing street hockey growing up and using wood sticks, if one broke at the blade, you'd just go buy a plastic Mylec replacement blade and screw it in to the bottom of the shaft. If the stick broke somewhere on the shaft, you just sawed it down to give to a younger sibling or friend to use.

In today's hockey world, the one-piece stick -- you know, the sticks that break at the first ounce of pressure -- can be found discarded in bunches on a nightly basis. Some fans collect the remains of these $300-plus sticks, but we imagine there's a big pile in the bowels of any arena with them every night.

But now there's another use to broken hockey sticks: custom-made guitars.

Vincent Latulippe makes custom-made guitars and created this one out of discarded hockey sticks, showing it off at the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show. (RIP those poor Sher-Wood's)

This cool creation can be yours now that Latulippe has put the guitar up on eBay with a "Buy It Now" listed at $1,900.

From the item description:

This guitar is made with used hockey sticks except for the central one, which is laminated with mahogany to make the neck.

The back of the headstock have also been reenforced with mahogany to obtain rigidity and the desired thickness. The hockey sticks used in this project have been played with and have some marks on them and have been lacquered after assemby.

Some cavities have been done inside the body to make more resonnant and lighter. The guitar weighs around 7 pounds which is pretty average.

It has a chunky D-shape neck to keep a maximum of tone topped with a rosewood fretboard.

Of course, you could always go a little less in-depth and use a stick still intact like this gentleman did:

We can't wait to see what other kind of musical instruments that will be created from other hockey equipment. A harp made out of old goalie pads? Piano keys made out of player teeth?

Photo credit: eBay via user "vlatguit"

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