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We've often wondered which NHL player on Puck Tracks would be the first to admit his affinity for disposable bubblegum pop.

Your winner is Ty Conklin(notes), St. Louis Blues goalie and Lady Gaga fan, thanks in no small part to his kids.

ConkBlock has been a Puck Daddy reader favorite for years, thanks to his Zelig-like existence in the NHL with Stanley Cup finalists and, of course, his inexplicable appearances in outdoor games with the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings.

We're also sure he could compete without a mask, because his hockey facial hair can stop pucks with its sheer awesomeness ...

In Episode 7 of the first season of Puck Tracks, Conklin talks about what the road-weary Mark Knopfler tune "Speedway to Nazareth" means to him, before revealing why he can't stop playing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga.

Well, outside of the locker room. we hope.

Puck Tracks, our first podcast, created and facilitated by audio producer Michael Raphael. It features players discussing the music that helps shape their lives and careers. It's their soundtrack on the road or on the ice. It's the music that fuels their competitive passion, or evokes bittersweet memories of childhood and family.

Here's Ty Conklin on Knopfler and Gaga, whom we believe are also divorce attorneys in Vero Beach:

Puck Tracks Episode 7: Ty Conklin from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Check out previous episodes featuring Wade Belak, Brooks Laich, Matt Greene, Steve Ott, Peter Budaj and Brandon Sutter. Follow @pucktracks on Twitter for news and updates on subsequent episodes of Season 1. (These will be up on iTunes ASAP, for those asking.)

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