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• Via Pizzo, that would be Shaq wearing something rather unusual as he walks into the Garden. Obviously we mean the Boston Bruins hat. [The Score]

• Jersey Fouls on Friday. Wooooo!

• No Milan Lucic(notes) for the Bruins' big game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday night, as he'll miss his second straight game with an undisclosed injury. [ESPN Boston]

Tomas Vokoun(notes) is reportedly in talks for a contract extension with the Florida Panthers. He's also rather stunned that coach Pete DeBoer benched him for Thursday night's game against the Preds: "I got an explanation but didn't agree with it. My job is to play. The coach is there to make the decisions. I'm here to obey them whether I like it or not. It's not very usual for a goalie after you win a game. I personally didn't think I played a bad game. It seemed like he had a different assessment." [Sun Sentinel]

• The Puck Stops Here makes his case for John Carlson(notes) of the Washington Capitals as your rookie of the year. [TPSH]

• Nick Kypreos is the latest voice to declare the NHL All-Star Game should be eliminated. And like most of those voices, there's a focus on the game rather than the event the fans really dig, which are the skills competitions. [Sportsnet]

• Is the All-Star game for the players or the fans? [From The Rink]

Detroit Red Wings star Henrik Zetterberg(notes) explains his NHL All-Star Game absence: "If I was 100 percent, I would love to go. But now, the situation with the injuries we have and the way it's been going lately, I think it's best for everyone." [MLIVE]

• The VERSUS viewership numbers for December. East Coast starts for West Coast teams are killin' them. Also: The numbers for the Devils/Caps game were oddly high. [Puck The Media]

• Chris Johnston takes a seat inside the NHL War Room in Toronto. Pretty awesome that the refs refer to it as "heaven," in the sense that the unseen gods are the ones keeping order. [Globe & Mail]

• A while back we brought you a Washington Capitals blog "for guys who like guys." Dan Steinberg introduces us to the two gay hockey bloggers behind it. [DC Sports Bog]

• Pretty much the most random yet greatest thing you've seen today: Tanner Glass(notes) fights bears. If only Timothy Treadwell had been friends with Tanner Glass. (Too soon?) [Pass It To Bulis]

• Curious observation from Adrian Dater on the Colorado Avalanche: "I was in the room tonight and it was not only very quiet, but it just seemed like guys were walking on egg shells around each other in a weird way. In a way, it seems like this team still isn't a real unit yet. Not saying it's a divided team like that. Just saying, there's a lack of swagger and belief in the guy next to each other that I sense." [Denver Post]

• We'd say that sitting Chris Campoli(notes) against the New York Islanders would be sending a message. [Slam]

• All your shootouts belong to Thomas Vanek(notes). [Die By The Blade]

• Nice piece by Kevin Allen on the Predators' Sergei Kostitsyn, who finally found a fit in Nashville. [USA Today]

• Eric Duhatschek on the Ron Wilson fine: "But if anyone has the art of being a killjoy down pat, it is the NHL and I'll predict -- no actually I'll BET -- that they're going to regret opening this can of worms. Because now they've set a precedent and now they're going to have to police it -- and investigate every single game in which a milestone could be reached, or a player returns to play a game against his former team." [Globe & Mail]

• From In Goal Magazine, Dwayne Roloson's(notes) new mask with the Tampa Bay Lightning, which features the God of Thunder. If the Capitals thought it was tough to solve Roloson before, try doing it now that he'll have the power of Mjolnir on his side. [In Goal]

• The San Jose Sharks' NHL Guardian writes a preview for Thursday night's game against the Edmonton Oilers. "Prediction: The Oiler Guardian sprays a bunch of oil around, causing car crashes and polluting the water. The Shark and the Oiler begin to fight, but the Oiler is stronger and gets the upper hand -- so the Shark bites out the dude's throat and lets him bleed to death, because that's what a Shark does, damn it." [BoC]

• Looking at how some of the "given" teams for the playoffs aren't so given, and how the guard is changing in the NHL. [HOTH

• From Behind the Net: "Derek Zona and I are offering $150 and hopefully some Colorado Avalanche swag if you can show that the shot quality involves a persistent talent at the team level that plays a significant role in the NHL over the course of a season." [Behind The Net]

• Finally, via WMTV in Madison, check out another "Michigan Goal," this time from Middleton H.S. senior, Todd Koritzinsky, in varsity hockey game against Madison Memorial High School on Jan. 7, 2011 at the Madison Ice Arena.

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