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• The NHL's decision, along with its television partners, to schedule back-to-back games this weekend in the Stanley Cup finals continues to get slammed by all sorts of (Detroit sympathetic) observers. Like by Terrible Ted Lindsay, NHL legend, who called it "the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in my life." [Windsor Star]

• Mitch Albom graces hockey with his best-selling author presence once again, killing NBC and the NHL for their decision and wondering aloud if this is yet again a giant conspiracy to elevate the Pittsburgh Penguins over the Detroit Red Wings: "Do you think if Sidney Crosby(notes) were nursing an injury, they would rush into these finals? Don't expect an honest answer." Here's an honest answer: Yes, because their television whore-dom trumps any concern for the players. Which is the point Albom was trying to make, before undercutting it with conspiracy pap. [Freep]

• According to 10,000 computer simulations, the Detroit Red Wings will outlast the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games to repeat as Cup champs. [NHL]

• Breaking down the Chris Osgood(notes) vs. Marc-Andre Fleury(notes) duel. [Globe & Mail]

Pavel Datsyuk(notes), Nicklas Lidstrom(notes) both taking part in Red Wings practice today. [Malik]

• The Pensblog, which is participating in our roundtable Stanley Cup finals discussions later this afternoon, offers an epic preview of 'Shops and 'Tubes. The Pens Warehouse/"I Guerin-T it" image is worth the price of admission. [Pensblog]

• Japers sent this on Twitter, and it now haunts our dreams. Crosby as Yanni Booey? [Flickr]

• Because of a telethon, Game 1 of the finals may not be seen in Tampa Bay. Which is fine, because they haven't seen NHL hockey there in about two years. [TBO, via MYFO]

• Just a reminder that the new contest, "The No-Foil Stanley Cup Replica Competition," is in full swing, and you can enter new or previously created No-Foil Cups. To the right would be a creation Joshua D. from D.C. sent along, made of "chew tins and glue." Yes, we know: How the Carolina Hurricanes weren't given this Cup is beyond us, too.

• It's often been said that the NHL's greenest pastures may yet be overseas. So this is great news for hockey: The League is looking to become the first to sell "global rights" to its coverage and content. [Sports Business International, H/T Kukla]

• Tom Hicks clears up the ownership mystery with the Dallas Stars, says he'll absolutely continue to own the team. [Dallas Stars Blog]

• Congrats to the NHL for having the Winter Classic at Wrigley named the Event of the Year by Sports Business Journal. [NHL]

• Dammit we hate agreeing with Bettman. The Commish on the Phoenix Coyotes relocation mess: "We have rules with respect to who can own franchises ... We have rules to how you can relocate teams. This proceeding has to do with the application of our rules. It doesn't have anything to do with what markets we'll go to. At some point in time we might have to relocate. At some point we might have to expand. This isn't that time." [NHL]

• Meanwhile, Jim Balsillie offers some eye candy regarding what the Copps Coliseum would look like under a major renovation. "50 Mid-Level Private Suites, 20 new "Bunker Suites" with prime seats in first six rows ‘between the blue lines.'" Color us intrigued, although this full glass Fortress of Solitude look is getting cliché. [Newswire]

Alexander Radulov(notes) continues to act like a victim of circumstance in the KHL/NHL mess he helped create. [On The Forecheck]

Washington Capitals fans continue to pray that Michael Nylander(notes) decides to uproot his family and take his contract to Moscow. [Japers Rink]

• From the makers of the Red Wings cap calculator, here's one for the Capitals. [CapGeek, thanks to Stephen P.]

• Jim Playfair mulls his options with the Calgary Flames. [Sun Media]

• Killer good news on the ratings front of the NHL, at least locally: Versus scored a record for a cable-televised hockey game in Pittsburgh with a 27.1 rating for Game 4 of the Eastern finals. As Slap Shot points out: "More people in Detroit watched the Wings-Hawks Game 2 on Tuesday (15.5 rating) than watched the "American Idol" finale (12.3)." And that's even with KISS appearing on Idol. Or what's left of them. [Slap Shot]

• Great stuff from Canes Country on the Carolina Hurricanes' post-mortem, via team GM Jim Rutherford: "Nothing here but Ward and Staal is cast in stone." [Canes Country]

• Fantastic article about how the San Jose Sharks and GM Doug Wilson are facing the offseason, from a personnel and psychological perspective. It's starting to sound like some major reshaping might take place out there. [Purdy]

Simon Gagne(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers has surgery for a bone spur, becomes first player this season to say his injury actually didn't affect his play in the postseason. [Philly.com]

From Bodog, some Stanley Cup odds:

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings - NHL Playoffs Round 4 - Exact Series Finish

Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0                         16/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1                         17/2

Pittsburgh Penguins 4-2                         5/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3                         11/2

Detroit Red Wings 4-0                            10/1

Detroit Red Wings 4-1                            9/2

Detroit Red Wings 4-2                            4/1

Detroit Red Wings 4-3                            7/2

• Playing matchmaker with Mike Komisarek(notes), Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Sun Media]

• Finally, Leahy sent this along from Game Trailers. Yeah, NHL 10 looks OK (drool). Click the image to see the trailer.

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