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Puck Headlines: Skinner, Michalek concussed; outdoor hockey

• Tell me when you see it. [Reddit Hockey]

• Are elbow and shoulder pads to blame for the uptick in NHL head injuries? [The Globe & Mail]

• Two guys were issued citations for using water from a nearby fire hydrant to make an ice rink in their backyard. Citations for awesomeness. [Chicago Tribune]

• B.D. Gallof on the New York Islanders' strong response to the waiving of Blake Comeau. "A message was sent to the youth and the vets of the Isles that spoke volumes: anyone not contributing was a prime target to make way for new kids who needed development." [CBS New York]

• Milan Michalek has a concussion. Watch out when you're passing Phil Kessel for the NHL goal scoring lead -- he's sticking the elbow out. [Ottawa Sun]

• The Carolina Hurricanes announced today that Jeff Skinner has a concussion too. Joni Pitkanen too, but he isn't an adorable manchild, so don't expect him to garner the same outcry. [Canes Country]

• Pierre Marc-Bouchard has a broken nose after taking a hit from Zach Bogosian. Despite the hit being pretty obviously to the head, Bogosian will see no supplemental discipline. [Star-Tribune]

• Surprising cuts from Canadian World Junior teams of yore, such as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. [Toronto Star]

• You know the Atlanta Thrasers had some fans, right? They're still not over the loss. "It's like breaking up with a longtime girlfriend. You think you are OK, and then something reminds you of her and your heart sinks a little bit." Presumably, this quote comes after the guy saw Shawn McEachern in line at Whole Foods. [AJC]

Puck Headlines: Skinner, Michalek concussed; outdoor hockey

• Jack Campbell's incredibly American World Junior mask. [Reddit Hockey]

• Team Canada announces the final roster for its World Junior hockey squad. As is tradition, each kid was told that if he doesn't win gold, he's not allowed to come home. [Vancouver Sun]

• 2008 Islanders draft pick Corey Trivino has been kicked off the Boston University hockey team after being arrested for allegedly trying to grope and kiss a female student. [CBS News]

• Matthew Barnaby has avoided jailtime and deportation (to the wintry prison of Canada) by pleading guilty to his DWI. [WSJ]

• Strange days in the NHL, when a win over the Minnesota Wild on a Tuesday night in December is an occasion to preen, but Winnipeg's pretty eager, and the Wild are surprisingly good. [Winnipeg Free Press]

• Bourne tells you what to watch for on HBO 24/7 this year. Here's one he forgot: compression shorts. [Backhand Shelf]

• If the NHL starts giving out a road Calder, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is in trouble. [Edmonton Journal]

• Mike Green's groin sounds messed. [Washington Post]

• Lots of injured players in today's Puck Headlines. Incredibly, Tim Connolly isn't among them. He's been very good for the Toronto Maple Leafs. [Sportsnet]

• Was the November 9th game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Philadelphia Flyers the worst NHL game ever? [WSJ]

• Dave Bolland's 'Sisters' jab really is a non-story, but the passive sexism really needs to end. [PITB]

• Who will replace Michalek for the Ottawa Senators while he's out? What's Albert up to these days? [SenShot]

• A Winnipeg hockey dad has been found guilty of attacking another parent two years ago. The man also pled guilty to harassing the woman that broke up the fight, and talked about his experiences with Graham James. Geez.  [CBC]

• Best comment on this remarkable, sublime, outdoor hockey video from the Yukon: "I'm thinking dump and chase isn't a viable strategy here." True.

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