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Puck Headlines: Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane health updates

• That's some mighty fine hockey hair that Mr. Steven Stamkos(notes) is growing up for the upcoming season. Obviously a response to the Flyers signing Jagr. [@ReporterChris]

• We had a 5.9 earthquake at Puck Daddy HQ today, and it was really freaky. No, it doesn't compare to what you go through all the time, West Coasters. But as you know, we elitists are a fragile people. Many lattes spilled, few of them soy.

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane(notes) said in a radio interview that his goal was to be ready for the regular season, but "sounded skeptical regarding the start of training camp with his wrist recovery," according to Tab Bamford. [Committed Indians]

• If you've not read it, here's the column that argues Sidney Crosby(notes) has accomplished enough and should retire from the NHL. Advice, we imagine, that author would give any player in the NHL who suffered a concussion. Which, if taken, would probably cut the NHLPA in half. [Toronto Star]

• A reaction to that column: "Just stop. Stop the speculation and instead focus your energy on getting the NHL to change for the safety of the athletes that entertain and amaze us on a daily basis." [BlackhawksDL]

• Lightning blog on Sidney Crosby and the health rumors: "The post-concussion symptoms that he's supposedly having are probably just regular workout effects. Who doesn't get light-headed sometimes when lifting weights, after all? He won't be the same player when he comes back, however. Lightning fans saw how that went with Mike Smith(notes) after he tried playing through a concussion. Though I do think he'll likely start the season as usual." [Raw Charge]

• More Crosby debunking here. [Pensburgh]

Teemu Selanne(notes) health update. [Battle of Cali]

St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts thinks the team is worth $180 million. Minority owner Tom Stillman's bid for the team is around $110 million. You could see where this might be a problem. [St. Louis Today]

• Good piece of reporting by Travis Hughes on a Brooklyn band suing the New Jersey Devils for $10 million "without a proper license. [SB Nation]

• Losing Ryan Kesler(notes) to injury stinks. But it'll give someone on the Vancouver Canucks a chance to play a more significant role for a bit next season. Who benefits? [Nucks Misconduct]

• Interesting look at Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi's comments that missing out on Brad Richards(notes) — or, rather, coming close to signing him — was the organization's finest hour. Said Lombardi: "We're respected, where people will seriously consider us. But, to beat out those guys in the east, who have the tradition and everything else, we're going to have to get it done and then we're going to go to the top." [Hockey Independent]

• Razor looks at the Dallas Stars and a Ring of Honor: "Sergei Zubov. I'd probably be ok with the smokin' Russian being included. He wasn't drafted by the franchise, and he made stops in NY and Pitt prior to becoming the best defenseman this club has ever had, but, again, for 10 years he was the best defenseman to ever suit up in the colors — and there have been some real good ones." [Razor With An Edge]

Ethan Moreau(notes) and the Los Angeles Kings finalize their deal. [LA Kings Insider]

• An Oilers blog looks at Duane Sutter joining Edmonton as a scout. [Copper & Blue]

• Why James Reimer(notes) of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Corey Crawford(notes) of the Chicago Blackhawks are on the brink of stardom. [The Good Point]

• College hockey at Fenway announcement this week: New Hampshire will face Maine in one game, while Vermont will play Massachusetts in the other, according to College Hockey News. [CHN]

• NOT HOCKEY: Sad news about Pat Summitt. One of a kind coach. [GoVolsExtra]

• The depths of Jets-o-mania knows no bounds, as the arrival of Chris Mason(notes) in town causes a stir. [Slam]

• Finally, the Winnipeg Jets logos are really impressive when CGI'd to a Black-Eyed Peas mash-up with Blur.

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