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Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin(notes) and New Jersey Devils winger Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) hold up the ceremonial check from a charity game that raised $14 million rubles for Russian children affected by wildfires. Which got us thinking about the exchange rate, and it turns out Kovalchuk and Ovechkin will make a combined $6,854,176,000 rubles under the current rate, during their current contracts. That's a lot of blue jeans. [Alex Ovetjkin]

• Those of you who believe New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur(notes) doesn't take enough heat for the soft goals he surrenders will want to read this post. [In Lou We Trust]

• Ovadia looks at Bill Guerin(notes), Owen Nolan(notes) and Jonathan Cheechoo(notes) and defines three different kinds of veteran free agents. "Cheechoo is the most frustrating type of free agent: the fixer-upper." [Puck Update]

• Return of the Nordiques? "Quebec Premier Jean Charest will meet with Quebec City mayor Regis Labeaume next Tuesday to discuss the financing of a new arena in the provincial capital." If the Nords return, we want one thing and one thing only: Curtis Leschyshyn Appreciation Night. [QMI]

• Also on the 'Return of the Nords' front: "A rally is being organized Oct. 2 on the Plains of Abraham to try and pressure the government to make the return of the Nordiques a reality. Quebec City media reports indicate that former Nordiques great Marian Stastny would attend, while others like Joe Sakic(notes), Dale Hunter and Peter and Anton Stastny had also been invited." [CTV]

• Freddy Modin to the Atlanta Thrashers is official. [Thrashers]

• Nothing says "utter confidence in my team" more than a $10 wager at Bally's on the Washington Capitals. [OFB]

• Suggested nickname for Edmonton Oilers' rookie Taylor Hall(notes): The Kingston Cannonball. [Copper & Blue]

• Interesting scoop: "The movie 'Goon,' inspired by the story of minor league enforcer Doug Smith, and based on a screenplay by Jay Baruchel and Evan Goldberg, is in pre-production and begins shooting in Winnipeg next week." Includes some fantasy casting, but it'd be hard to picture Seann William Scott in this flick and Kevin Smith's "Hit Somebody." [Get To Our Game]

• Another good list from Defending Big D: The five most disappointing Dallas Stars of all time. Two guess who made No. 1. Who would make that list for your franchise? [DBD]

• In praise of the St. Louis Blues' new marketing campaign, and a brief look back at the ad campaigns that didn't work so well. [Blues Game Time]

• The life and times of a Minnesota Wild fan living in Canada. [Hockey Wilderness]

• The Top 5 Colorado Avalanche players still on the open market. When Tom Preissing(notes) and Darcy Tucker(notes) are your Nos. 5 and 4, maybe a Top 3 would have been in order. [MHH]

• Being Mike Smith's(notes) goalie coach is a pretty good thing to put on your resume if you're trying to become the Tampa Bay Lightning's goalie coach. Although, looking at his GAA last season ... [Lightning Strikes]

• Sad story, this one: "Quebec provincial police divers have resumed their search for the co-owner of a major junior hockey team after he went missing Saturday. Gervais Munger, 52, was thrown from the Zodiac boat he was travelling in along with three friends just after noon on Saturday." [CBC Sports]

• The Nino Niederreiter watch is underway for the New York Islanders. [Lighthouse Hockey]

• Ken Campbell of THN on the end of the Kovalchuk contract mess: "The fact is, even with some clarity on this issue going forward, there will still be a good number of contracts out there that circumvent the spirit of the CBA and will likely come back to haunt the teams that signed them. After all, how could the league possibly be happy when it just approved a contract in which the player receives 90 percent of the total payout in the first two-thirds of the deal?" [THN]

• Praising the NHL for its stand against the Kovlachuk deal: "The National Hockey League should take a bow for the developments this past week. Not only did they take a big-time risk that eventually paid off, but they also had the changes they wanted implemented into the CBA without much of a fight from the Player's Association. Both sides said the other was very cooperative and interested in their needs during negotiations." [Blueshirt Banter]

• On Labor Day, the most laborious jobs in the NHL, including Flyers penalty box door opener. [PHT]

• Finally, just to continue to get those hockey juices flowing a little bit more: BOB PROBERT VS. SCOTT STEVENS OMG.

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