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• Look at the Eastern Conference seedings. Can we just end the season now? [Y! Sports]

• If you are to believe Kevin Allen of USA Today and his pollsters, Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals will win back-to-back Hart Trophies as he leads the Pittsburgh Penguins' Evgeni Malkin, who didn't get a single first-place vote among the 11 "power rankings" voters. For the Pavel Datsyuk fans, Eric Duhatchek says that he's put some distance between himself and his teammates as far as impact on the ice: "I think you can make a case for at least including Datsyuk in the conversation. He is not showy or splashy the way Malkin or Ovechkin are, but he makes up for it with responsible two-way play." [USA TODAY]

• So has the Canadian media taken to calling Ovechkin "Alex the Grate" in a post-"fire stick" world? [Sun Media]

• The Florida Panthers celebrate the joys of the charity point. [Sun Sentinel]

• Raise a doughnut for Don Koharski, finally on his way out. [Slam!]

• USHL Coach P.K. O'Handley goes bat-poop insane during a game when arguing with officials. "This is unconscionable!" [Fanhouse, via WCH blog]

• Rory Boylen of The Hockey News writes a cynical column about why teams won't win the Stanley Cup (quite original). We'll warn you that it's not all that funny, but is completely redeemed by this line about the Montreal Canadiens: "I wonder if Hiroshima fielded a competitive Japanese baseball league team in 1946?" Wow. [THN]

• Fascinating couple of pieces from when Jibblescribbits met Adrian Dater of the Denver Post. So damn refreshing to read mainstream media being level-headed about alt-media.

• Now that the Dallas Stars are once again looking like a team that will miss the postseason, we can all once again start focusing on whether it's all Dave Tippett's fault. [Dallas Stars Blog]

"Anton Babchuk hugs his Ray Whitney doll after a Carolina Hurricanes goal." [AP]

• Every time we want to believe the Ottawa Senators making the Stanley Cup playoffs is about as likely as a post-"Face/Off" Nicholas Cage film not sucking, we go and read something like SENS Hobo's analysis of their chances and want to believe in the unbelievable. [SENS Hobo]

• And then there's Daniel Alfredsson: "Our approach is to try to win every game and keep this positive thing going." Oh dear god ... is a little part of us actually rooting for the Senators to complete the miracle? We're going to go drink some Drain-o, kill this thing before it gets out of hand. [Sun Media]

• Meanwhile, Sens Army knows what's made the Senators special: Celebrity girlfriends. [Sens Army]

• The Goose is trying to figure out if the Buffalo Sabres are now suddenly "Ottawa bad?" [The Goose's Roost]

• Presenting Andrew Raycroft's career in the span of one photograph. [Sports and the City]

• Less than 24 hours after we triumphantly predicted that the Anaheim Ducks would qualify for the postseason, Earl Sleek is still a little cynical: "Perhaps the Ducks have truly turned a corner in the past week, and perhaps we'll see that the team can turn it on when it really really really counts and shed the shackles of mediocrity, and truly I have nothing against that happening -- my point is really that it's not necessarily indicated by their recent play." [BoC]

• Great piece about Marian Hossa, the Red Wings and the future. [Globe & Mail]

• Finally, if you've ever wondered about Sergei Fedorov's eating habits, this video would be for you. And before you scoff, two words: Lindsay Czarniak.

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