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• The new assortment of alternate sweaters "means that there are a grand total of 12 teams that will have some form of a black jersey. Way to break the mold guys." Indeed. What happened to the NHL that used to have fashion statements like the Nordiques, the Whalers and the North Stars? Is there any reason, at all, for the Phoenix Coyotes to have a black uniform? They. Play. In. A. Desert. [Jibblescribbits]

Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren on his team's interest in Mats Sundin: "Other than kicking the tires and sticking our toe in the water, that's all we're doing right now ... All we're doing is putting our name in the hat. If he decides to play, then we would have interest." [NHL.com]

• What the Western Conference teams are thinking about this summer. Minnesota Wild: "Why is Martin Skoula on our roster?" Ouch. [Avslova Factor]

• Wedding photos of New York Rangers defenseman Wade Redden and his smoking-hot blonde wife. Is this a little Heather Locklear to anyone else? And based on this shot, we're wondering if Redden's ever called her Miss Moneypenny. [Chris + Lynn, via FanHouse]

• Ten rules changes the NHL should adopt. We agree with about half of them, but No. 10 is the bomb-diggity: "A player is in the penalty box at the end of a period, they will have to stay there until the penalty is over, and will not be allowed to go to the locker room for intermission." [Blue & Gold]

• Gord Dineen, a former New York Islanders draftee who won a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins, is the first head coach for the Iowa Chops. Guess Mike Holmgren took Brett Favre's advice and didn't sign that contract offer, either. [Iowa Chops]

• Video of Rob Schremp showing off some adventurous, and unsuccessful, shootout moves at a Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins charity event. [Fan IQ]

Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano gives $1 million to help fund the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Or, in hockey terms, roughly one Drew Stafford. [NY Times]

• The North Shore Casino continues construction today, as new owners vow to honor the $225 million to be paid over a thirty-year period for the construction the Penguins new arena. [Online Casino Advisory]

• Professional musicians and amatuer composers are getting into a heated argument over the CBC's Hockey Anthem contest. Probably because the professionally trained artist can't wrap their snobbish brains around something as beautiful as Hockey Scores. [CanCult]

• Preparing for the much-anticipated Jed Ortmeyer vs. The Rangers smackdown in Nashville. [HLOG]

• Dan Tessier vows to surpass Dan Tessier in popularity after "ugly girls in Canada" flooded his Facebook page. [Dan Tessier]

• While Capitals Insider declares the sale of Michael Nylander's home isn't necessarily a harbinger of a coming trade, the general opinion is that Nylander isn't long for the Washington Capitals. Japers breaks down the pros and cons of dealing the NHL veteran. [Japers' Rink]

• Finally, the 2008-09 Dallas Stars Planet Tan Ice Girls present Lake Day 2008, a bikini-filled boat romp with some rather fit young ladies. And yet not a single appearance by Sean Avery?

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