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• This new Milwaukee Admirals jersey (Nashville Predators AHL affiliate) is so damn close to perfection. That silly RBK piping detracts from the look; were it solid black with just the rings on the sleeves, this is a classic. [Admirals, via Icethetics]

• Luckily for the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers, the CBA says nothing about term limits on cable TV contracts. [Flames]

• What killed the Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) contract with the New Jersey Devils, and could the same criteria kill Roberto Luongo's(notes) contract with the Vancouver Canucks? [KB]

• From J.J. at Winging It: "De-registering Marian Hossa's(notes) contract after the damage has been done would more seriously call into question the integrity of league decision-makers, who already have several business-before-fair-play questions to answer in light of the way revenue sharing tends to do too little to help struggling small markets, different refereeing standards for regular and post-season play, decisions of which teams the league seems the ‘favor', and in allowing a television network that doesn't pay the league for the rights to air its games to make decisions on who plays and when." [Winging It In Motown]

• Based on the arbitrator's ruling, one New Jersey Devils blogger attempts to determine where the "line in the sand" is. (Hint: Not the Jersey Shore.) [Garden State Skates]

Ryan Kesler(notes): Gunnin' for Pavel Datsyuk's(notes) Selke. [Snapshots]

• Certainly a story to keep your eyes on for college hockey: Penn State potentially having a D-I program, and the dawn of a Big Ten hockey conference. Then can we get a Beaver Stadium outdoor game? [WCHB]

• On one hand, the news that Dan Boyle(notes) made special arrangements to catch a Faith No More reunion show is awesome. On the other hand, the fact that lead singer Mike Patton nearly sang the national anthem at a San Jose Sharks game but dropped out due to a scheduling conflict stinks like the dead fish at the end of the "Epic" video. [Sharkspage]

• Steve Lepore ends his multi-part series on the NHL's TV contract future by touting a plan that would have games on ESPN, Versus and NBC. Nice, but there's somewhere between a zero and zippy chance that ESPN makes a deal with the NHL that doesn't involve Stanley Cup Finals games or the Winter Classic or both. The Classic is, as we've said before, the League's signature TV event now. [Puck The Media]

• Ryan Dixon on the goalie market collapse in the NHL. [THN]

• Scott Burnside on the Anaheim Ducks and Paul Kariya(notes): "In the next few weeks Kariya will determine which door he will pass through; the one Selanne passed through Monday that leads to another NHL season and a chance to prove that those rare skills have not eroded, that he can still play with the best; or the door that all great players choose at some point, the one that leads away from the game." [ESPN]

• Paul Kukla's "GET OFF MY LAWN" column of hockey summer crankiness warms our heart. [NHL.com]

• Oh, 2012 is shaping up to be a delightful year for hockey fans. [Hockey or Die]

• GM Chris Lamoriello announces the signing of Trenton coach Rick Kowalsky to become the new head coach of the Albany Devils. Until, in family tradition, Chris replaces him behind the bench with five games left in the season ... [Devils]

• A graph-tastic look at whether Gary Bettman and the NHL actually achieved parity with the salary cap. [BlackhawksDL]

• Marty Biron: "I think the Rangers organization and their track record of being competitive is something that you look for as a player." In other words, just good enough to never have that top draft pick that could have made the New York Rangers a Cup contender again in the last decade. [Rangers]

• We would be rather pleased if every fan base had at least one montage set to the music of "Inception," as this one for the Vancouver Canucks follows that incredible one over the weekend for the Boston Bruins.

Florida Panthers prospect bolts for Sweden, unimpressed with our supply of lingonberries. [Litter Box Cats]

• James O'Brien defends the indefensible: The women's champagne jersey. [PHT]

Phoenix Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett on Mike Modano(notes) and the Detroit Red Wings: "There are always conversations about the center-ice position, but for where Mike is in his life right now I think he was looking for a team where he would be surrounded by a lot of high-end players. Not that we don't have high-end players, but I think going back to his hometown (Livonia, Mich.) had some allure to him. It will be interesting to see what happens. When I talked to Mike at the end of the season he was really torn as to whether he was going to keep playing or not. But I knew it would have to be a unique situation if he did play and I think he found that unique situation." [Coyotes, via Five For Howling]

Dallas Stars President Jeff Cogen is joining the front office of the Nashville Predators. [ESPN Dallas

• Rather long, rather interesting breakdown of the Kovalchuk decision from a blog that's been spot-on with analysis for most of the ordeal. [Jewels From The Crown]

• Giving the Kovalchuk deal a Marian Hossa makeover. Needs more lipstick. [From The Rink]

• Finally, Puck Buddy Sarah points us to this Mike Posner video for his inescapable summer jam "Cooler Than Me" in which he wears a Detroit Red Wings jersey/jacket with a flipped collar. It's here that we'll note the irony of a guy who went to Duke chastising someone else for acting "cooler" than him.

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