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Puck Headlines: Luongo hears the boos; Crosby craves contact

• New, awesome masks today. On the left is Peter Budaj's(notes) new lid for the Montreal Canadiens, that has a "Big Trouble in Little China" motif (and, as is his tradition, Ned Flanders). On the right is Roberto Luongo's(notes) new Johnny Canuck mask for the Vancouver Canucks. Luongo actually said of the mask: "[It's] two weeks late just like my game." Can't say the man doesn't have a gallows humor. [s/t Ben Kuzma]

• UniWatch with a list of the new masks and pads for NHL goaltenders this season. Great stuff. [Page 2]

• Luongo takes the boos he's hearing in stride, while his backup believes they suck. [Sun]

• More about Cory Schneider(notes) coming to Luongo's defense: "It's often reported that there are 'Schneider Fans' and there are 'Luongo Fans,' but this isn't like the GOP, where you're a Romney Fan or you're a Perry Fan. It's clear that even Cory is one of the Luongo Fans, and good on him." [White Cover]

Minnesota Wild Coach Mike Yeo is sick and tired of being sick and tired about his team's effort. "I'm expecting our group to respond with a great effort tonight, … with a great focus on the way we're supposed to play the game. … If you bring the right battle every game, if you bring the right mindset and focus every game, we believe more often than not we should come out on top."  [Russo]

• FINALLY, Martin Havlat(notes) will be back for the San Jose Sharks against the Devils on Friday. [Working The Corners]

• The Wall Street Journal asks if goaltenders have become too dominant in the NHL. [WSJ]

• Travis Hughes stacks up GameCenter Live with NHL Center Ice. Down the line, the NHL hopes to converge these technologies as televisions become more interactive with the web, but from a content standpoint the online product is great. (From a streaming standpoint … er, not always.) [SB Nation]

• Free Candy alert in Pittsburgh. [Penguins]

• Mike Cammalleri returns for the Montreal Canadiens on a night when Hal Gill(notes) plays game No. 1,000 and Carey Price(notes) goes for win No. 100 against the Penguins. [Canadiens]

• Guy Boucher prayed in a church that Eric Brewer(notes) would be OK for the Tampa Bay Lightning's game against the New York Islanders. There is a God, and He is a Hockey Fan. [Lightning Strikes]

• As you may have heard, Bill Simmons of ESPN has continued to find his hockey smile by becoming a season-ticket holder for the Los Angeles Kings and planning to write some behind-the-scenes pieces for Grantland. "It's a sport with the best in-game format (long period, long break, long period, long break, long period, go home), best regular-season in-game wrinkle (the shootout), best secretly awesome moment (any fight), highest percentage of 'most likable players' (hands down), and highest percentage of 'true fans in attendance' of the four major sports (indisputable). They fixed many of the sport's problems, made it better, and now we're here." [Grantland]

Sidney Crosby(notes) wants someone to hit him. Volunteers? [CP]

• Say, what really goes on inside the Jaromir Jagr(notes) hockey school. [Dirty Dangle]

• Looking at attendance since the lockout in the NHL: "Since the lockout, there have been 92 games played with fewer than 10,000 fans in attendance. The breakdown is as follows: 31 on Long Island, 24 in Phoenix, 11 in St. Louis, six in Columbus, five each in New Jersey and Chicago, four in Atlanta, three in Dallas and one each in Stockholm, Carolina and Buffalo." [Hockey Writers]

Colby Armstrong(notes) has a left ankle sprain and could miss a couple of weeks. [Leafs]

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• The comedy stylings of Alex Ovechkin(notes) and Ilya Bryzgalov(notes). OK, of Bryzgalo and Ovie-blivious.

• The Carolina Hurricanes sign Victor Rask(notes), who is lighting it up in the WHL. [Canes]

• "Why Goalie Interference Has To Be So Freaking Complicated." [Defending Big D]

• A little late on this, but a nice bit by Derek Zona here about the changing tactics in the Edmonton Oilers' power play. [Copper and Blue]

• The Puck Stops Here anoints Phil Kessel(notes) as the early season MVP: "Phil Kessel is off to a very good start and is the early season MVP.  It is unlikely that he remains at this level all season, though he could have a breakout season.  If that happens, Toronto could take a big step forward this season." [TPSH]

Marcus Johansson(notes) is a Swedish baker. [Japers' Rink]

• The Detroit Red Wings are firing on all cylinders. Also, they're firing Glock-22s at the FBI shooting range. Said Mike Babcock: "Even pistols, I'm sacred of pistols. I'm a hunter, and I like shotguns, and I like shooting my rifle and all of that. But I'm also Walter Safety … I'm nervous around that stuff. Those are unbelievable weapons." Also unbelievable: The jokes we're passing up about a team from Detroit using handguns. [Red Wings]

• Down goes Raitis Ivanans(notes) … to the AHL. [HockeyFights]

• Sheldon Kennedy continues the fight against child predators. "Pardons should be eliminated for all child sex offenders. Period." [Slam Sports]

• With Drew Doughty(notes) injured, Jack Johnson(notes) has stepped up his game early for the Los Angeles Kings. [Kings]

• Six decades of hockey in the Bay Area. This is pretty cool. [SF Gate via Wayne in Tuskegee]

• Finally, from @fsmikey this is Evgeni Malkin(notes) getting his groove on at a wedding … and we are hypnotized.

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