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• This is a screengrab from an Alex Ovechkin(notes)-inspired YouTube parody of Nintendo Ice Hockey created by 'Clockwise,' who appears to be a very creative cat. We should have a video game post up either later Friday or Saturday that might be worth your time. Also, the Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks are getting the Puckmore treatment this weekend too. [YouTube]

BREAKING: Puck Daddy's Dmitry Chesnokov reports that the latest proposal between Ilya Kovalcuk, the New Jersey Devils and the NHL will be approved.  

• The N.Y. Post reported Kovalchuk's latest contract proposal with the New Jersey Devils could, finally, receive NHL approval before his self-imposed "deadline" for an NHL/KHL decision arrives. [NY Post]

• Nice job by Chris Vivlamore of the AJC by getting Atlanta Thrashers GM Rick Dudley to reveal that Dustin Byfuglien(notes) may play defense next season. It's not a bad idea, considering his real value is as a crease-crasher on the power play and in the postseason. [AJC]

• Ice Edge sparked a flurry of "uh-oh" messages when the Phoenix Coyotes ownership contenders announced they were holding a press conference on Monday in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Turns out they want to bring an ECHL team there. What, instead of a sure-thing like Glendale? [Winnipeg Free Press]

• Speaking of Phoenix, here's a quote from Team Canada captain Hayley Wickenheiser about the possibility the NHL will invest in a new women's hockey league: "They (NHL) won't jump into anything that is not a viable business opportunity." [Slam]

• This is the day when Edmonton Oilers goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin(notes) finds out if his DUI and speeding chargers will mean jail time in Scottsdale. [Edmonton Journal]

• The Florida Panthers are decreasing the capacity of their home arena with lovely blue tarps that will cover rows in the upper deck. Can fans pay to sit under the tarps and not have to watch the Panthers this season? [On Frozen Pond]

• Lots of coverage of our blog credentialing stories from Thursday, and the takes are all over the place. Ted Leonsis, that bloggers-as-media pioneer, offers his take: "An aside, if there are 150 million plus bloggers today, ISN'T IT TIME WE RECOGNIZE THEM as MAINSTREAM MEDIA?! Can't get more mainstream than 150 million people." Needs more Comic Sans font. [Ted's Take]

• Blueshirt Banter, the SB Nation blog that was at the heart of the New York Rangers' protests, responds to the controversy. [Blueshirt Banter]

• From Tapeleg: "Should bloggers be allowed access to the teams? And really, should ‘new media outlets' be allowed access (since podcasters are in on this as well). I think they should, but much like player contracts, clear guidelines should be set by each club, and maybe even reviewed by an outside party to make sure they are somewhat in the spirit of a free press, and not trying to control the media." [Tapeleg]

• Blue Note Zone: "A compromise is needed for those bloggers out there who want access and can prove their worth. I have a feeling most would be willing to agree to some basic ethical and logistical guidelines to be able to apply for credentials as a blogger. A more formal process and program could be set up. Allowing those meeting criteria and agreeing to some rules can gain better access." [BNZ]

• The Goalie Guild's guide to getting credentialed is terrific. [TGG]

• Derek Zona and Pension Plan Puppets both make the case that "nothing interesting comes out of the locker room anyway," to which we'd answer that access is what you make of it. Zona, on blogger credentials: "The more we start aping the mainstream media the greater the risk we run of becoming just like them." [Copper & Blue and PPP]

• OK, the Jim Crow laws comparison might be a bit much. [Hockey Wilderness]

• Seeing Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis wearing a practice jersey and knocking the puck around in a "Trainers' League" game reminded us for some reason that, in the end, most of these guys must feel like big kids playing fantasy league hockey with real people.

• For the first time in team history, all 82 Minnesota Wild games will be televised. Yeah, that surprised us too. [Wild]

• "Canadians Bill Clement, Orest Kindrachuk, Bob Kelly and Dave Schultz are going through the necessary steps that will make them American citizens by the end of the year." [NHL]

• Thomas Junta, the hockey dad convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2002, has been released from prison. [Boston.com]

• Ken Campbell has a video chat with Ken Campbell at the World Hockey Summit. [THN]

• Open this article, take a step back and realize that the entire thing is apparently built around a single-word quote from Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray. [QMI

• Finally, a K-TEL classic commercial featuring the lighter side of hockey. And slide whistles. And screeching car tires. Available now on VHS!

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