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• So did Anna Kournikova give Ville Leino(notes) of the Philadelphia Flyers the time of day because he's on crutches or because of a goofy little google-eye heart on his shirt? Because we'd like to know how, exactly, to make this happen. Wow, an Anna Kournikova photo ... it's like we're using dial-up to read ESPN's Page 2 back in 1997 again. [@NHLFlyers]

• Interesting move: "Clarke MacArthur a UFA after Thrashers walk away from $2.4 million arbitration award." [@ajcthrashers]

David Perron(notes) of the St. Louis Blues has re-signed for two years. Jeremy Rutherford has it as a $4.3 million extension, with years of $1.8 million and $2.5 million. His agent, Allan Walsh, believes he's the first NHL player to break his own signing on Twitter. (Update: Because no story in hockey is without controversy, Capitals fans are claiming Eric Fehr(notes) broke the Twitter contract barrier first.) [Blues]

• If you'd like to see a timeline chronicling how the New Jersey Devils went from big smiles to tasting their own shoeshine, this explains it. [Fire & Ice]

• The NHLPA's statement on Ilya Kovalchuk(notes): "The NHLPA is currently analyzing the basis upon which the NHL rejected the contract between the New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk. We are evaluating the options available to us under the terms established in the CBA. The NHLPA will have no further comment at this time." [NHLPA]

• A "Sports Law 101" look at potential arbitration between the NHLPA and the NHL over Kovalchuk's contract. Good read, and not just for the glorious image that leads off the post. [Phoenix Pub]

• Juxtaposing the Kovalchuk contract with the plight of those in Newark: "People on the streets of Newark, within a block or two of the arena where the Devils play, seemed dumbstruck to learn that a player received such a long, hefty contract during these times. Most did not know the player's name ("Starts with a V, I think," William Spinks said) and had never been to a Devils game." [NY Times]

• Why are American so obese? Blame the Tampa Bay Lightning. [Bangin Panger]

• Arguing that for all the hype, Alex Ovechkin(notes) is basically LeBron James with skates. [CSN Washington]

• Michael Farber of SI on the Kovalchuk rejection: "If in their pursuit of a workable cap number the Devils and Kovalchuk had simply agreed to a 13- or 15-year deal that would have taken him to 40 or 42, the NHL surely would have grumbled and shrugged and said ‘OK' -- as it did in the case of Chris Pronger's(notes) contract in Philadelphia. But the notion of a 44-year-old winger playing in New Jersey for the NHL equivalent of a Starbucks barista's tip money was just a little rich for the league." [SI]

• Why the NHL was right to reject the deal: "In fairness to Bettman and Daly, this League imploded and died with 2004-05's lockout, and if this trend were to have been allowed to continue, the League could have a growing monster on its hands, a trend toward deals that would prove to cripple franchises a decade down the road. If I owned an NHL club, I'd applaud my top lawyers for doing their jobs." [Hockeytalk.biz]

• Why the NHL has no case against Kovalchuk. Notable because it's coming from a Rangers blog. [Blueshirt Banter]

• Mirtle thinks that we'll still see envelope pushing even if the NHL wins on Kovalchuk. [Globe & Mail]

• Seven salient points on the Kovalchuk contract rejection. [Avs Talk]

• Why the Washington Capitals long-term contracts are investments while other deals manipulate the cap. [Japers' Rink]

• Did Lamoriello screw his own team? [Pro Sports Blogging]

• And has Lou's actions helped sully the reputation of the entire League? [On Frozen Blog]

• This is Phoenix Coyotes enforcer Paul Bissonnette(notes) from Twitter last night, who later deleted the tweet and apologized if he sounded "racist."

• The Hockey News offers a video look at the rise of California-born players. [THN]

• "A study of Quebec-born NHL players developed by the QMJHL. Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Habs." [All Habs]

• Ice hockey in Mexico. We were promised lucha libre masks. Donde estas? [NHL.com]

• The Calgary Flames might do well to draw a penalty or three more than they usually do next season. [Flames Nation]

• Guy Boucher brings along two of his Hamilton Bulldogs assistant coaches to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Please recall this may have been a sticking point in his negotiation with the Blue Jackets. [Raw Charge]

• Bob Probert's family says thank you. [Windsor Star]

• Finally, Fiona Quick of Quick Facts closes (hopefully) the last chapter in the Jarod Palmer shootout controversy for the Minnesota Wild with this highlight from 2009. Kid seems to know his way around a deke.

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