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Here are your Weekend Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

Tom Kostopoulos of the Montreal Canadiens will not be suspended for his left hook to the grill of Kimmo Timonen in Game 2. Why? Because Kostopoulos received a roughing penalty, and because Timonen had the nerve to not get hurt. NHL justice, ladies and gentlemen. [Globe & Mail]

Meanwhile, after his team's actions were called "cowardly," Canadiens Coach Guy Carbonneau said the Flyers are the ones who are the cowards ... and that Timonen "deserved it." [Habs Inside Out]

The new owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning might be in the market for a new coach. And according to Al Strachan on "HNIC," that new coach might just be ESPN's most famous mullet, former Kings coach Barry Melrose. Because, you know, when your franchise is in the toilet, the best guy to turn it around is the guy who hasn't coaching in the NHL since before the first "Toy Story" movie was released. [Eye on the Media]

Speaking of ESPN, here's another columnist who seems to forget that the WWL treated hockey like a cold sore back when it had the cable rights. [TC Palm]

Your Dallas Stars/San Jose Sharks Game 2 previews, from We Bleed Teal and Andrew's Stars Blog.

More fallout from the NHL's war on octopi in Detroit, including scientific opinion that a twirling octopus causes no danger to players in a postseason game. [Violating the Trapezoid]

Will someone please tell NBC that Alexander Ovechkin does not, in fact, play for Montreal? [On Frozen Blog]

Finally, a recap of the Penguins' win over the Rangers will be posted at some point today on The Pensblog. It will be the most entertaining thing you read today. (No pressure, boys.)

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