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• According to the specs, the Blue Seaters at New York Rangers games are now the suits. Ouch. [5 Hole]

• Terrific piece by Nick Cotsonika on how Mike Murphy(notes) arrived at the decision not to suspend Zdeno Chara(notes) for the Mac Pacioretty hit. "In slow motion, you start thinking like it's happening slow, and it's not happening slow. It's happening fast. In analyzing the play, that was the one thing I tried to really go back to. What happened in fast speed?" [Y! Sports]

• Toughening up existing rules instead of banning hits to the head? That's what the NHL's GMs have decided. [AP, TSN]

Wojtek Wolski(notes)? Scratched against the New York Islanders tonight. [NYDN]

Montreal Canadiens fans are holding a protest outside Bell Centre tonight about the NHL's hits to the head and player safety policies. We spoke to an organizer, and will have a post up next. [CTV]

• Bruce Boudreau on the protesters: ''If you don't like it, don't come to the games. I think players realize they could get hurt. They don't want to do it, but unless you've played and seen what goes on with the speed of the game, you're not going to be able to argue with it.'' [CTV]

Jason Arnott(notes) is out "week to week" for the Washington Capitals, in an effort to get an injury rehabbed before the postseason. What does this mean for their center spot in the meantime? [Examiner]

• Same sort of story for Chris Pronger(notes): Surgery for a busted hand, out until early April for the Philadelphia Flyers. [Post Courier]

• Finally … Alexei Kovalev … HAS COME BACK TO OTTAWA. "I think he's going to want to prove something, that's for sure," said Dan Bylsma. [CBC Sports]

•The Globe & Mail writers chew on Mario's plan to fining teams. Roy MacGregor: "A player knows when he's sent out "not to dance" and responds accordingly. Fine the coaches, and fine them big. And if you want to hurt the franchise, even go so far as to suspend the coaches." [G&M]

• Michael Russo reported last night that University of Wisconsin junior defenseman Jake Gardiner was signed by the Toronto Maple Leafs to an entry-level contract tonight. "Gardiner can skate like the wind and will get a heck of a chance in Toronto. Brian Burke, who traded for him in the Francois Beauchemin(notes) deal, drafted Gardiner in Anaheim." [Russo's Rants]

• "The Owen Sound Attack is pleased to announce that forward Joey Hishon(notes) has signed an entry level contract with the Colorado Avalanche. The 19-year-old center is in his fourth season with the Owen Sound Attack of the Ontario Hockey  League, where he has tallied 83 points (36g/47a) in just 48 games this year. Hishon's 1.73 points-per-game average is tied for first among all OHL skaters." [OHL]

• Optimus Reim may not be able to handle this grind. [PPP]

Alex Ovechkin(notes) had no idea he'd face a pissed off Jimmy Howard(notes) eight years later. [MLive]

• Singing the praises of the unsung: Joel Ward(notes) of the Nashville Predators. [City Paper]

• Eugene Melnyk hears others talking about head shots, believes he can speak louder. [Sun Media]

• Nicks on an awesome interview that won't likely see the light of day. [Universal Cynic]

• Oh, joy: "Glendale is searching for new bond-buyers to finance part of its Phoenix Coyotes deal, after others demanded the city pay too high an interest rate, according to a potential minority investor in the Phoenix Coyotes." [AZ Central]

• Darren Dreger: "The fact the NHL has not set a deadline or pulled the plug on this sale, suggests the league is hopeful a deal to keep the Coyotes in Glendale can still be reached." [TSN]

• Via the HF Boards, it's a compilation of the best hits from the 2010-11 SEL season. Roughly how many of these would be suspendable in today's NHL? Eighty percent?

• Our favorite gay hockey blog, Puck Buddies, makes the South Florida Gay News network. [SFGN]

• Rick Martin for the Hockey Hall of Fame movement afoot. [WGR]

• "Darryl Sutter's Summer Moves Made the Flames a Ninth Place Team." [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

• Part one of a series on What's Wrong With Hockey, beginning with Bettman. [NHL Hot Stove]

• Previewing the Buffalo Sabres vs. the Carolina Hurricanes, a defacto playoff game in the East. [Die By The Blade]

• Really interesting post from Bruce Peter on the IIHF world attendance rankings. [Puck Worlds]

• Finally, it's over 10 minutes of Data East's "Fighting Ice Hockey" from 1984. This … song … has … burned … into … our … brains. And what the hell is that goalie doing out there? And why do you get 2,000 points for a goal? And …

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