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• Hide the kids and muzzle the puppy: Jersey Fouls return on Thursday. A taste of what's to come from Puck Buddy Jas Chaffin at a Columbus Blue Jackets game ... on Gordie Howe's birthday no less. Yes, Mr. Hockey turns 82. There are seven games Wednesday night. If one doesn't feature a goal, an assist and a fight, it's an offense to the Hockey Gods. Though not as egregious as this jersey. [NHL]

• Ken Campbell on why Henrik Sedin(notes) won't win the Hart Trophy. Spoiler: It's because he thinks assists are cheap, hence Sedin's point total is inflated. "He has an impressive 75 assists this season, but more than half (39) of them are second assists." [THN]

• Heated Skates picks the award winners: Jordan Staal(notes) for Selke! Sidney Crosby(notes) for Hart? [Heated Skates]

• Great look at what needs to happen for the Atlanta Thrashers to make the playoff cut, as the standings may not be as close as they seem and the Flyers might be the best option for the Thrash to pick off. [Bird Watchers Anonymous]

• Ah, but might it be the Montreal Canadiens who find themselves tumbling out of the postseason picture? [Eyes on the Prize]

• Ernie Els was pleasantly surprised to find out his caddie has 266 career NHL goals. [Score Golf]

• Deadspin gets to the bottom of the Shane O'Brien(notes)/Roxy connection that has the Vancouver Canucks defenseman in a "special program" while he sits out. [Deadspin]

• The pressure on Jarome Iginla(notes) to become the Calgary Flames' regular-season savior is pretty much off the charts right now. [Slap Shot]

• First person account of a hockey night in Sean Avery's(notes) Tribeca bar: "Don't get me wrong, we had a good time, I'll go back, and I enjoyed myself, but that's the kind of fake, not-so classy stuff that leaves a not-so-great taste in your mouth, you know? The whole experience was kind of like, well ... kind of like Sean Avery." [American Hockey Fan]

• The New Jersey Devils losing Ilya Kovalchuk(notes)? Sort of expected. Losing Paul Martin(notes) this summer? Playing with fire, Lou. [NY Post]

• Thoughts on yet another Chicago Blackhawks loss. [Foul Balls]

• Attention fans of non-playoff teams: From The Rink wants to know who you will root for in the playoffs. Assuming you'll actually watch the playoffs after swallowing the bitter pill of being in the Other 14. [FTR]

• Fun fact about the Boston Bruins: "The only other NHL team in the last 37 years to have two goaltenders with five or more shutouts was Nashville in 2006-07 (Chris Mason(notes) 5, Tomas Vokoun(notes)  5 )." [Josh Q Public]

• Checking the lottery forecast for the NHL draft. [Hockey or Die]

• Cool chat with Chris DeVivo, the Pittsburgh Penguins' director of media technology, about some of the innovations Consol Energy Center will have to offer. [The Confluence]

• "Idaho Bagels Alaska, 2-0." Is that some sort of odd Passover tie-in? [ECHL]

• The "Parody Will Be Made" meme continues with a great candidate: Patrik Stefan(notes). Hearing that music kick in ... there's something very Keyboard Cat about this. (Via Adam V.)

• As GM Paul Holmgren promises changes for the Philadelphia Flyers this offseason, a defense of Mike Richards'(notes) effectiveness as captain. Not written by Pierre McGuire, to our surprise and chagrin. [Philly.com]

• George Malik with your "Donald Fehr is the harbinger of death and will lead them all to their end" update. [Snapshots]

• Are the Phoenix Coyotes legit as a contender? Behind the Net checked the figures: "While this Phoenix team should have beaten their projection by a number of wins, they are fundamentally not the 108-point team they're going to finish as. If they come up against Detroit in the first round of the playoffs, they should be a serious underdog." [Behind the Net

• Wednesday night could spell the end of the Dallas Stars' playoff hopes. [Dallas Stars Blog]

• A piece of human garbage steals Vancouver Canucks jerseys intended for a charity auction. [CTV]

Washington Capitals fans rejoice: Brooks Laich(notes) is expected back in the lineup on Thursday. Without him, the T-shirt would only read "Ovechkin ____ Semin." [Capitals Insider]

Finally, St. Louis Game Time has a nice breakdown of the Rob Ray-esque effort from Cam Janssen(notes) in Tuesday night's St. Louis Blues game against the Chicago Blackhawks. "Swinging wildly" would be an applicable term.

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