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• 20 Cent has his day with the Cup in Buffalo, taking Stanley to Niagara Falls, where he watched a copy of the Chicago Blackhawks' 2009-10 roster go over in a barrel. [Via Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune]

• The Hockey News 2010-11 Yearbook is hitting mailboxes around North American, and Mark Stepneski offers its list of the Top 10 players in the NHL: Sidney Crosby(notes), Alex Ovechkin(notes), Ryan Miller(notes), Pavel Datsyuk(notes), Jonathan Toews(notes), Henrik Sedin(notes), Duncan Keith(notes), Evgeni Malkin(notes), Nicklas Backstrom(notes), Steven Stamkos(notes). Reactions? Toews still behind Datsyuk is a surprise. Stamkos cracking the Top 10 is a surprise; no Patrick Kane(notes)? No Jarome Iginla(notes)? No Mike Richards(notes)? And only one defenseman in the Top 10? [ESPN Dallas]

• Reality is starting to set in for Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke on the offers he's getting for Tomas Kaberle(notes): "We're looking for a forward with size and scoring ability if possible, and if not, we have been offered what I would call futures packages, which would include a high draft pick and a quality young player...We haven't ruled out doing one of those types of deals." [CBC Sports, via Fan 590]

• A practical look at the players left on the NHL's unrestricted free-agent market ... [Hockey or Die]

• ... and, to balance that out, Down Goes Brown's look at the UFA market. Owen Nolan(notes) is "widely recognized as one of the worst NHL players that Belfast, Northern Ireland has ever produced." [DGB]

• Bob Probert's family decides to publish a memoir he was working on at the time of his death. [CP]

• Bruce Ciskie thinks it's beyond time for the NHL and the NCAA to get on the same page: "The NHL and NCAA need a defined partnership. No, that wouldn't stop CHL teams from poaching, but it would allow for a better working relationship between the NHL and college hockey, a growing entity in the United States that continues to produce more and more professional talent." [FanHouse]

• Tin foil hats on for Ilya Kovalchuk(notes) talk: "What if Lou [Lamoriello] intentionally signed the deal knowing it would get rejected? Lou was against these deals, so what better way to get rid of them by pushing the envelope too far?" [In Lou We Trust]

• Elliotte Friedman on Gary Bettman: "That uncertainty is a good thing for Bettman. Teams and agents will be wary of an annoyed commissioner, particularly now that precedent is set. Will anyone be willing to risk another trip to an arbitrator, since the next one may be more inclined to deliver penalties?" [CBC Sports

• The Shean Donovan(notes) retirement watch ends. You can snuff out your vigil candle now. [QMI]

• Making the case that the Washington Capitals might, and should, trade faceoff specialist David Steckel, especially with Eric Belanger(notes) back in the fold. [Japers' Rink]

• Who will lead the Nashville Predators in scoring next season? And why does the word "Tootoo" not appear in this post? [On The Forecheck]

• The Portland Pirates announced Friday that the Buffalo Sabres have re-signed head coach Kevin Dineen and assistant coach Eric Weinrich for the 2010-11 American Hockey League season. [Sabres]

• Actual ECHL press release title: "Condors Offer Ridiculously Awesome Deals for Groups This Season." [ECHL]

• Awesome hockey nickname alert: Benjamin Dieude-Fauve of the Laredo Bucks is evidently "The French Assassin." Jean Reno isn't amused. [CHL]

• Speaking of nicknames: As the Baby Penguins sign Brooks Orpik's(notes) younger brother, what's his moniker in relation to "Free Candy," Brooks's accepted nomenclature? [NHL]

• This is either a rather amazing find from Dark Blue Jacket or a coincidence. The Columbus Blue Jackets are introducing a third jersey next season, and DBJ writes: "The Columbus Blue Jackets official Twitter feed just posted a photo of new assistant coach Dan Hinote(notes) talking to the junior-junior-junior Blue Jackets at hockey camp. My nephew has done that camp before, but I've never seen jersey designs like these. Are we getting a sneak preview of the new third jersey design?" [DBJ]

• How important will Artem Anisimov(notes) be for the Rangers this season? In other words: Is he a top-line guy? [Rangers Tribune]

• Justin Bourne uncorks a big apple debate: Will the New York Rangers or New York Islanders finish higher in the Atlantic Division next season? [Bourne]

• Some revisionist history on the NHL's "mega-contracts"; as in, which players would you actually sign in long-term deals. [From The Rink]

• Which free-agent defenseman might the Los Angeles Kings be targeting? [BoC]

• A frustrated Andreas Lilja(notes), former Detroit Red Wings defenseman-turned-free-agent, talks about how many free agents remain unsigned: "They want to drive down salaries. At the same time, I believe that there are many teams that want to attract younger players and give them a chance to play." [Snapshots]

• "Jordan Eberle is more famous than his talent level warrants. That's not a criticism, it is a statement of fact." [Lowetide]

• Ryan Kennedy takes a spin as a hypothetical hockey arena DJ, explaining what he'd play and when. Sorry, but "Don't Cry" by G-n-R has no place at our games. [THN]

• R.I.P. all The Sporting Blog blogs, but First Cuts was always an especially good time. [First Cuts]

• Finally, Easton Sports plays 20 Questions with some NHL stars, from snoring roommates to best NHL arena.

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